Fight Against Terrorism

Terrorism is one of the biggest evils in our world today. We need to take the pledge to stop this evil in its tracks and make our world a peaceful place.
Akshay Shah
Akshay Shah and 3 more took the poll by Btuydib
on Jan 04, 2014 , 04:20 pm
Invite them for Dinner at Tax Payers expense and wish them all the Best?
Catch Before Attack but release as no Crime has been Committed?
Kill In Encounter to save hundreds? (Face Human Rights Activists)
Arun Sharma
Arun Sharma commented on the blog by Sagar Potnis
on Nov 26, 2013 , 05:49 pm
Sagar Potnis - Five years after 26/11 attacks
Five years ago, a terror attack gripped Mumbai like never before. On this very day five years back the world’s second largest fastest growing economy like India faced the most daring attack ever. However, five years since the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks many things haven’t changed.  The situation at the railway station is that many of the main stations do have doors but not many commuters go through them. The X-Ray baggage scanners are less in number and some of them are not fully fun more »
Pankaj Goyal
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