Fight Against Rapes

Join this campaign and raise your voice against these heinous crimes to which women are falling pray almost everyday.
Mohan Bhan
Mohan Bhan and 3 more commented on the discussion by Samira Kapoor
on Oct 24, 2014 , 07:32 pm
Samira Kapoor - Man castrated for rape attempt!
What a news! So this man was found raping a young girl in the alleys of Ganga nagar. But then, an angry mob came to the scene, dragged this man and took him to a butcher's shop. What happened next is terrifying! The angry mob took a meat cleaver and more »
Anand Keshri
Phani Kumar
Phani Kumar reposted the discussion by Megha C
on Oct 24, 2014 , 03:38 am
Megha C - DEATH FOR RAPISTS: Your thoughts
FINALLY! Justice has prevailed! Delhi court has delivered Death penalty for the 4 rapists in the Delhi Gangrape case! What are your thoughts on this judgement? Share you opinion here! Is this finally a victory for Nirbhaya? more »
Aaman Khan
Aaman Khan commented on the blog by Pramod Agarwal
on Oct 24, 2014 , 12:58 am
Pramod Agarwal - Will legalizing prostitution will check rapes
Lingayat spiritual head Mathe Mahadevi has supported legalising prostitution to check the increasing sex crimes against children and women.According to her, there has been worrying increase in rapes in the recent past.There have also been demands to legalise prostitution.The Govt has even formed. a committee to look into the matter. It is time it legalised prostitution, she told reporters in Dharwad on Monday.Mahadevi criticized girls studying in colleges and working in MNCs who wear more »
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