Fight Against Rapes

Join this campaign and raise your voice against these heinous crimes to which women are falling pray almost everyday.
Gopiraman Alok
Gopiraman Alok commented on the discussion by Nupur Tripathy
on Jul 24, 2014 , 08:45 pm
Nupur Tripathy - Why do men rape?
What makes a man rape a woman? What makes a man become and act like an animal? Is it because he has low self esteem, or because he is brought up to believe that he is superior than a woman? Is it because his mother has been abused by his father and more »
Pranav Pant
Pranav Pant and 12 more commented on the discussion by Sahil Kakkar
on Jul 16, 2014 , 09:05 am
Sahil Kakkar - Mobile phones cause rapes!
Another shocker from our dimwitted MLAs! So now, MLA's from Karnataka have said that teenagers should NOT be using mobile phones at all. They have in fact imposed a BAN on mobile phones in schools. A source said, 'When I did go through two or three more »
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