Fight Against Corruption

This group is of people who can proudly say they have NEVER bribed anyone and have NEVER been bribed. So if you are such a person, join in. We wish to clear the system of corruption and the best way to do it is to Halla Bol!! Name at least ONE person who tried to bribe you or who you know takes bribes.
Sharanya Chowdhury
Sharanya Chowdhury and 2 more commented on the discussion
on Aug 17, 2014 , 09:58 am
Sharanya Chowdhury - People nowadays have become coward
You see a girl getting molested in public. What do you do? Oh please just to gain appreciation dont say you fight for her! What you actually do is STAND and STARE! How sick is that! Instead of helping her out of the situation you all take fun of the more »
Siddarth Joshi
Siddarth Joshi and commented on the citizen journalism
on Aug 16, 2014 , 09:05 pm
Siddarth Joshi - Freedom: From What?
Our generation is all about freedom. We want freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of strikes and riots (pun intended), and freedom of what not. So the conclusion is, we deserve freedom and its our birth right, and we live in a country more »
Poulami Pal
Poulami Pal commented on the blog by Pandey Devanand
on Aug 16, 2014 , 07:53 am
Pandey Devanand - Our Role as Citizens of the Largest Democracy-India
From time of occupation our ancestors envisioned an Independent and a democratic India, a dream which realized in August 1947, only after incessant struggle by our ancestors for decades. Our ancestors envisioned for us and we in turn, dreamt for our future generation a better India where everybody irrespective of his/ her social and economic status is equal, a state where everybody can live in tranquility. Where there is guarantee to their live, earnings and fair distribution of the wealth gen more »
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