Eradicate Poverty

Poverty is worst issue affecting India. This group aims at eradicating poverty and building a richer and better nation. Join and share your ideas on ways to eradicate poverty.
Charles Dsouza
Charles Dsouza commented on the discussion by Srihari Krishna
on Jan 25, 2015 , 10:32 am
Srihari Krishna - Administration
There are thousand of crores being spent on buying war planes which may or may not be used .why don't we spend atleast half of it to eradicate poverty? more »
Timesalien S
Timesalien S uploaded Photos
on Oct 14, 2014 , 04:05 pm
Shankar Manakkal
Shankar Manakkal updated the Citizen Journalism
on Jan 03, 2014 , 04:21 pm
'Round about turned into shelter homes'
This is one of the major round-about crossing near Hotel Jaypee Siddhartha connecting Shaknkar Road, Patel Road, Pusa Road and Todapur Road. Surprisingly, the inner space of this round-about has been very conveniently invaded by poor people more »
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