Don't Drink and Drive

With almost every day a case registerd for drunken driving, India has one of the highest accident rates but  the lowest conviction rates. Every year thousands of  cases are lodged for causing death by negligence in driving, but the conviction rate is only 9 per cent. Court delays make it easy for witnesses to disappear, bribe witnesses or hostile. And as conviction takes time, the driver can be seen back on the road the very next day as it is a bailable offence. Also, the penalty for drunken driving is a mere of 6 mth prision  or a fine of Rs 2000/- but hardly anyone ever goes to prison as Rs 2000/- is a paltry sum. Honestly speaking even if you kill someone here in the road accident you can get away without any penalty, provoded you have an influential family. Once again, the news is that the government is proposing to take "strict measures"  against road accidents acses;like confiscate the licence of anyone who fails the breath analyser test. That’s good news. In fact, the driving licences of all those who drive recklessly should be confiscated!!!!
Ranjitha Sp
Ranjitha Sp commented on the discussion by Sahil Kakkar
on Dec 08, 2014 , 07:41 pm
Sahil Kakkar - Why don't girls get stopped by traffic cops at night?
I don't get this! People keep ranting about equal rights for both men and women. But guess what, women have far more superior and privileged rights than men. Every time I step out of my house at night, I am always stopped by traffic cops who check more »
Ananya Shrivastava
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