Delhi Gangrape: National Shame

The recent Delhi gangrape case has left the whole nation in a state of utter shock. Endless questions, non-stop interrogations, rigorous protests et al, the whole incident has once again brought together millions of Indians to stand up for a common cause - fight against rape and seek justice for the victim. Join this group and help support this cause.
Gehendra Dhakal
Gehendra Dhakal and commented on the photo by Nina S
on Aug 25, 2014 , 01:17 pm
Nina S - Most disgusting remarks by politicians: Abhijit Mukherjee
Mr. Abhijit had also said, "Walking in candlelight processions, going to discotheques, we have also led student life, we have been students. I well know what the character of a student should be." Image Source: Procured via Google Search. more »
Satish Singh
Satish Singh and 2 more commented on the discussion by Megha C
on Aug 25, 2014 , 11:18 am
Megha C - DEATH FOR RAPISTS: Your thoughts
FINALLY! Justice has prevailed! Delhi court has delivered Death penalty for the 4 rapists in the Delhi Gangrape case!   What are your thoughts on this judgement? Share you opinion here! Is this finally a victory for Nirbhaya? more »
Deepak Saxena
Deepak Saxena and commented on the discussion by Megha C
on Aug 09, 2014 , 11:16 pm
Megha C - 'Don't hang the rapists'
I don't understand why the whole world wants the Delhi rapists to be hanged till death! What purpose will this solve? I think that killing the criminal will definitely not kill the crime.Rapes will continue to happen even if the 5 accused are given more »
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