Crime Against Women

Say NO to crime against women. Women in India and across the world have been soft targets of atrocities and physical abuse. It is time to stand against the increasing violence against women. Dowry deaths, honour killing and molestation are social crimes and the society must raise voice against them.
Ravi Raj
Ravi Raj and Motakhiladi Babloo commented on the blog by Harpreet Kaur
on Dec 19, 2014 , 11:23 pm
Harpreet Kaur - What really happened with the Rohtak sisters!
Let's face it, the Rohtak sisters were incredibly brave! In a country like ours, men are born and brought up on the incorrect premise of them being the 'superior sex'. Where men think they are the custodians of the social and moral voice of the nation. The two brave sisters from Rohtak come like a much need breath of fresh air! A video of two sisters in Rohtak beating up their molesters inside a moving bus while their co- passengers remained mute spectators, went viral on the net. Since then, more »
Niralkumar  Mukundbhai Desai
Niralkumar Mukundbhai Desai and 6 more commented on the blog by Monika Rawal
on Dec 19, 2014 , 10:34 am
Monika Rawal - #Ubershame: Banning private cabs is a sham!!!
So after all the hullabaloo around the recent rape case involving an Uber cab driver, Delhi Government finally decided to ban eight leading cab service providers from plying on Delhi and NCR roads. Just when most of you would have thought that such a strict action of banning cabs would mean a more serious investigation in the shocking rape case, I thought otherwise and did a quick sting. Much to my surprise or rather shock, I could so conveniently book an Uber Cab through their mobile app only more »
Jayant Singh
Jayant Singh commented on the video by Vinay Ghosh
on Dec 18, 2014 , 08:48 pm
Vinay Ghosh - #Unsafe India: 5 women harassed in Bengaluru!
A horrific incident is reported from the heart of Bengaluru where five women were harassed and threatened by some men late on Saturday night when they were out to have ice cream. more »
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