Crime Against Women

Say NO to crime against women. Women in India and across the world have been soft targets of atrocities and physical abuse. It is time to stand against the increasing violence against women. Dowry deaths, honour killing and molestation are social crimes and the society must raise voice against them.
Zinkar Das
Zinkar Das and 4 more commented on the citizen journalism by Jia Sen
2 hrs ago
Jia Sen - Horrifying Facebook group's rape taunts!
There is a group on Facebook called Banaras that is making sexists and shocking comments about rape and how women deserve it! Please spread the word about it and have such disgusting acts banned from social media ASAP! more »
Sasiganesh Chinnathambi
Sasiganesh Chinnathambi and 3 more commented on the discussion by Jyoti Mishra
on Jul 31, 2014 , 01:18 pm
Jyoti Mishra - "Cousin molested me"
A few years ago at a family function I had to share the room with my elder cousin brother. During the course of the night he took advantage of me and molested me. He repeatedly threatened to hit me black and blue if I even mentioned this to anyone. more »
Lakshmi Viji
Lakshmi Viji uploaded Photos
on Jul 31, 2014 , 11:47 am
Rajat D
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