Crime Against Women

Say NO to crime against women. Women in India and across the world have been soft targets of atrocities and physical abuse. It is time to stand against the increasing violence against women. Dowry deaths, honour killing and molestation are social crimes and the society must raise voice against them.
Hemraj Meena
Hemraj Meena and 14 more commented on the blog by Nina S
3 hrs ago
Nina S - Are Indian women really empowered?
Rahul Gandhi might have abused the term women's empowerment but what exactly is it and are we really making progress? Is India prepared for the modern Indian woman who is free to make her choices? Can she find time to find herself after fighting off sex offenders, regressive thought processes, patriarchal attitudes?A make friend of mine known for his scathing wit made a very interesting observation. He said there is a reason why the symbolism for the Indian womanhood is the cow. Mainly because more »
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