Crime Against Girl Child

 Unfortunately we live in a country where women have always paid for being the weaker sex. Issues like dowry have pushed the ratio of male to female to a new low as parents don’t want the ‘burden’ of a daughter.   Perhaps the worst of these crimes are the ones committed against the girl child. Female foeticide is one of them when the girl child is killed in the womb through abortion after sex determination. Female Infanticide is another practice when the girl child is not spared and is killed shortly after her birth. Recent records show that more one million baby girls don’t live upto their first birthday even! So often we come across horrifying news stories about rapes and tortures which are becoming a regular occurrence. It is about time we raised our voice and took a stand! Every child deserves to live! This group is for all those itimers who wish to fight against this evil and raise a voice. Come on friends, show your support! Join in and share your stories, photos and videos.
Godfather Senior
Godfather Senior and 8 more commented on the discussion by Gayatri Goswami
on Jan 06, 2015 , 11:46 pm
Gayatri Goswami - ‘Schools no longer safe for children’
Schools now are increasingly becoming unsafe for children, a three-year-old girl was allegedly sexually abused inside a private school. This is the third such incident in the past four months. What is happening to our education system?Aren't schools more »
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