Clean India

Instead of complaining and blaming let's for a change do something on our own. Let's make India cleaner. A country cannot be kept clean by appointing paid cleaners by the government. They only clean up the mess we have created. Each one of us. Because the first person thought one toffee wrapper doesn't really count as trash.Instead of calling out country filthy and saying "nothing good can come to this country" let's stop littering once and for all. Let's all do it consciously. Let's stop those who are littering.
Gayatri Goswami
Gayatri Goswami updated the Citizen Journalism
on Dec 05, 2013 , 04:41 pm
What's the purpose of MCD garbage vans?
Every day around 8 am in the morning, the MCD garbage van takes a couple of rounds in our colony to collect trash from houses. I always thought it is quite a good practice for those houses where no individual garbage collector or sweeper is more »
Sagar Potnis
Manish Joshi
Manish Joshi and 5 more commented on the citizen journalism by Dev Kashyap
on Oct 21, 2013 , 03:29 pm
Dev Kashyap - People think it's okay to litter
India's streets are widely accepted and used as a dustbin by the citizens of this country. I can understand uneducated people littering. But I do not understand why educated and aware people would think it's okay to dump their trash out on the road. more »
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