15 reasons why men STARE at women!

Posted on Jul 11, 2013 , 01:29 pm by Minakshi Negi

Every time I have an unwanted eye contact with a stranger at work or a mall or anywhere else, I realize that he was already staring and checking me out. While I am still trying hard to figure out when men love to stare, here are few of the top reasons that justify their cheesy gesture towards almost every woman they see.1.    Men are born to stare. Most Indian men feel it’s their birth right to check out almost every possible woman they see around them – walking, standing or m more »

I'm brave enough to go nude: Paoli Dam

Posted on Apr 19, 2012 , 12:07 pm by Monika Rawal

Paoli Dam - not many would have heard this name before until the promos of her Bollywood debut Hate Story hit our television screen. Posing topless in the movie posters, the actress triggered enough of hullabaloo even before the movie got released. Having done a handful of regional films including some that involved frontal nudity and bold scenes, the actress seems to be pretty comfortable with such on screen acts now. As the hot Bengali babe is already wooing movie buffs with her bold & sexy more »

'My hubby thinks foreplay is waste of time'

Posted on May 18, 2012 , 05:03 pm by Reema Saini

I got married 2 years back and things are pretty smooth as I expected. My husband is very loving and caring and so are my in-laws. There is no as such problem staying in a joint family also, as long as I am enjoying my life with my hubby. My husband works in a BPO at a senior level and has a very hectic job and this often shows up in his bedroom performance. Not that he’s unable to please me sexually but when it comes to putting any extra efforts or enjoying a foreplay session, he’s an absol more »

Poonam Pandey should know what full nude means: Rozlyn Khan

Posted on May 29, 2012 , 11:15 pm by Monika Rawal

Another desperate strip sensation Rozlyn Khan has caught media limelight for her nude photos that she posted in support for Chennai Super Kings and MS Dhoni in particular. With wish list varying from going on a date with Dhoni to doing a bikini shoot with him, this wannabe model is super excited while talking of her nudity act. In an exclusive chit-chat with itimes, Rozlyn Khan bares it all about what made her strip for IPL, her love for cricket and of course her views on the most hyped controve more »

Aamir's 'Satyamev Jayatey' a flop?

Posted on Apr 27, 2012 , 02:04 pm by Piyali Bannerjee

The Khan's have ruled the world of Bollywood since over a decade now with Aamir and Salman leading the pack, leaving SRK behind somewhere grappling for publicity. Not just the big screen but the world of TV has started seeing an increase in the footfall of these high flying celebrities into its realm. One of the most highly anticipated show on TV these days is Aamir Khan's Satyamev Jayatey which is all set to launch on May 6.Being the amazing business and creative mind behind this show, Aa more »

I was a part of wife swapping parties!

Posted on Feb 20, 2013 , 11:00 am by Pooja Makhani

There must be something written on my face because i get asked the most random favours from people. My friend Pratiksha and Rohit had been happily married for 10 years and i thought they had no problems in there marriage. The only problem they had was that they were bored. One day when we met for coffee, they both asked me if i was interested in having a threesome with them!Initially i was shocked at their weird request but they said that their wifde swapping parties are very secret more »

Donate sperms for noble cause, not for money: Yaami Gautam

Posted on May 07, 2012 , 10:55 am by Monika Rawal

Making a Bollywood debut with a small budget film isn’t always a safe deal but for this young and pretty actress, everything seemed like a cakewalk. With her simplicity, innocence and hard work, she proved that a performance driven role can help you carve that niche in Bollywood. Coming from a television background and having acted in a couple of daily soaps, it must haven’t been that tough for Yaami to act in the film, but it was indeed a brave move to accept a debut film that dealt with su more »

I want to be the female Salman Khan: Veena Malik

Posted on Jun 28, 2012 , 09:52 am by Monika Rawal

For Pakistani actress Veena Malik, a short yet sweet appearance on controversial show Bigg Boss was big enough to get her noticed among Indian audiences. Be it her alleged link-ups with Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel or her orgasmic expressions that caught everyone’s eye, the starlet surely knew what would have worked for her. And she exactly followed the sure shot formula to get famous. It was only after Bigg Boss show that Veena Malik became a household name. This was followed by some controve more »