I was a part of wife swapping parties!

Posted on Feb 20, 2013 , 11:00 am by Pooja Makhani

There must be something written on my face because i get asked the most random favours from people. My friend Pratiksha and Rohit had been happily married for 10 years and i thought they had no problems in there marriage. The only problem they had was that they were bored. One day when we met for coffee, they both asked me if i was interested in having a threesome with them!Initially i was shocked at their weird request but they said that their wifde swapping parties are very secret more »

Here's why Deepika Padukone's brain is her biggest asset!

Posted on Sep 15, 2014 , 12:33 pm by Nina S

I have to admit I didn't really think much about Deepika Padukone. In fact I didn't think at all, maybe only the time she said something about Ranbir Kapoor. To me she seemed like any other heroine trying to carve a niche for herself. Trying to shrug off the many labels and pitfalls being a model turned actor brings with it. I've never thought she was a great actress, but then I rarely think that of most actors and actresses in Bollywood. Some how they are bigger than the characters they play. more »

What your handwriting says about you!

Posted on Aug 06, 2014 , 11:15 am by Jia Sen

Just so you know, your handwriting is a clue to your true personality. Not many even pay attention to how they write but handwriting analysts will tell you what you are based on how you cross your t's and dot your i's. Want to decode your handwriting? Here are some simple clues.

Exclusive interview with Anjali - please read it !!

Posted on Sep 20, 2010 , 02:27 pm by Supriya T Jagtap

Hii...I just came across this interview on net while surfing, the interview is copy pasted as below:- Kindly read it and please answer my queries if possible..******* Start of interview *********Exclusive interview with Anjali, Delhi- born porn star of the XXX world. For Anjali Kara, sex is all about acting. And she is pretty good at it. At the top of the adult entertainment business in South East Asia, this Bangkok based Delhi girl earns top dollar for her steamy video clips and web photo-shoo more »

Rakhee-Gulzar,Ek Duje ke Liye got Separated due to Jealous Husband?

Posted on Jul 30, 2013 , 08:17 am by Neelam Nath

Courtesy NDTV, Gulzar married a Divorcee Rakhee in 1973,both were poetic and New to the ways of Film Industry, Their separation process started when Gulzar did not consider Rakhee for his movie Mausam and took her Rival ,Sharmila. The gossip mills were ripe with the daily news of rivalry between 2 Bengali Tigresses,with Rajesh Khanna as a go between ,during making of Yash Chopra's Daag. Movie was a hit ,so was the rivalry. Poets are supposed to be writing from Heart ,more observant to the Harsh more »

15 reasons why men STARE at women!

Posted on Jul 11, 2013 , 01:29 pm by Minakshi Negi

Every time I have an unwanted eye contact with a stranger at work or a mall or anywhere else, I realize that he was already staring and checking me out. While I am still trying hard to figure out when men love to stare, here are few of the top reasons that justify their cheesy gesture towards almost every woman they see.1.    Men are born to stare. Most Indian men feel it’s their birth right to check out almost every possible woman they see around them – walking, standing or m more »

How to buy a sex toy in Delhi!

Posted on Apr 18, 2013 , 09:47 am by Gayatri Goswami

So the deal is that I have crazy friends...namely they will think nothing of buying you a sex toy and think it's a socially acceptable way of wishing someone on their anniversary with a dildo! And no i wasn't the honoured recipient of a sex toy. Instead it was my friend and ex colleague who was celebrating her wedding anniversary. Once you've hatched the grand idea of gifting your friend a dildo, how do you go about acquiring one? That too in a country that views sex as something only more »

Oral sex tips for men and women

Posted on Jul 22, 2014 , 05:50 pm by Sahir Rehman

If you want just intercourse then grow up. Animals do that. We are human beings - animals of a more refined taste. We understand pleasure, we cherish physical intimacy. So move on from the usual rough-play of the genitals and welcome unexplored intimacy into your life with this blog. Learn how to pleasure your partner with oral sex. And be a pro at it with this blog.Let's please the ladies first. So here goes. 5 tricks which will make your girl curl her toes and claw your back. Go down on her more »