Work-life balance is a big joke

Created by Shikha - 8th Mar, 2013
Work-life balance is a big joke

Being married and a working women is a deadly combo especially for someone like me who needs to take care of a household full of men. I am more like the female lead in TV show 'Saas Bina Sasuraal' (only if you have heard of it) who is the only lady in her house.

I stay with my husband and six of my younger brothers-in-law. Mind it, all of them are grown up typical boys least bothered about cleanliness. Working in a media company, I have to be on my toes and very often have to stay back at work. Maintaining a work-life balance at times sounds like a fairy tale.

Getting up early in the morning, cooking, rushing to work, leaving workplace late in evening, cooking dinner, cleaning up the house... phew!! It is like a vicious cycle and I never see an end to it. Therefore there are few easy things that I ensure to have a smoother day at work. Every morning I kind of prioritize of my work according to the deadlines. Things rarely go according to my pre-arranged agenda. That means a lot of time falling through the cracks chasing down appointments. I also ensure that I keep half an hour extra in order to keep to adjust some last minute 'to-dos'.

But does trying so hard for 'that perfect balance' works? Sadly never!! I work round the clock and often end up skipping breaks in order to manage time with my family. Either my work is jinxed or I simply have a bad fate on the heavy-work load days, I get stuck with something or the other. I am left pondering over better ways to have that perfect work-life balance which is in practical life a big joke.