Won’t do pathetic slapstick comedy: Emraan

Created by Monika Rawal - 18th Apr, 2013
Won’t do pathetic slapstick comedy: Emraan

Call him the 'serial kisser' or 'kissing king of Bollywood' and it doesn't really bother him anymore. Seems Emraan Hashmi has very well adapted to the tags given to him for a certain on screen portrayal that he has done in films. With the release of 'Ek Thi Daayan', the actor has lot of hopes, as he has tried hands on a different genre. Here's Emraan in an exclusive candid chat with itimes sharing about the kind of roles he wants to do, stereotypes in Bollywood and why awards don't matter to him.

Everyone expects that you would have kissing scenes in your films. Does it make you happy or annoy you?
Audiences expect a bit too much and honestly I can't help it. I do different films and different roles as well, so I need to kind of improve as an actor and not continue doing what people think I am good at.

Are you trying anything to come out of this typecast image of being a serial kisser?
Typecast? Really? I don't think so! I don't really agree that you can get typecast from a particular type of scene that you have done in your films. I will continue doing good work - typecast or not, I don't care.

You were quoted saying in an interview that our film industry is full of cliches, how you ensure as an actor you are not part of this rat race?
I never considered myself as a part of the rat race. I have carved a niche for myself with the choice of films I made in my career. I was banned by critics on various occasions but got appreciated by audiences, so you see it got balanced on its own. I am slowly getting into much more commercialized films and clocking numbers at the Box office too. So far so good!

Audiences missed having you in Murder 3. How did you feel when you weren't considered for the film, because apparently you had become synonymous to the brand?
I would only say that everyone has the right to choose the best in life as per them. Similarly, directors and producers have choices for their films and I don't hold grudges against anyone. It's gone now and I have move on happily.

You'd be seen with Vidya Balan once again in Ghanchakkar, after 'The Dirty Picture'. Does it really help having a great chemistry once you have acted with a particular actress before?
It helps to some extent because you know their rapport and you share a comfort level with them. However, on screen chemistry has got nothing to do with your off screen connection with that person.

Are you ever going to do an out and out romantic flick minus any action or thrill?
I do whatever comes my way. 'Ghanchakkar' is going to me a comedy and it's slightly different from what we usually see in Bollywood. Whatsoever, I won't do pathetic slapstick comedy films that get made in Bollywood. I don't find them funny at all. They are very childish.

After 'Once Upon a time in Mumbai', you haven't seen many awards coming your way. What are you doing to make sure this year is a good one?
I never do films for awards. I don't believe in them. Awards are meant for those who believe in it and are desperate to get one. I am certainly not.

Do you think this was the right time to experiment with a film like 'Ek Thi Daayan'?
I just jumped into it. I don't know whether it was the right time or not to do this. There's always this leap of faith and I go with that. Besides, story was quite exciting and I was comfortable working with the team too, so that made me agree to it.

Your earlier films were also remembered for the music. Will 'Ek Thi Daayan' have any such scope?
Music has to be good but in the end, it cannot guarantee success to the movie. 'Ek Thi Daayan' has its own kind of substance and anyways, it's not a musical film, so how does it matter.

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