Why sex sells in Bollywood?

Created by Megha C - 11th Apr, 2013
Why sex sells in Bollywood?

The western culture has had a huge influence on mainstream Bollywood. I believe rap or hip-hop in Hollywood supports and nurtures an environment that disrespects, dehumanizes, and dishonors women and promotes sexism.

It makes thinking men and women into degenerate sex animals, reflecting humans as mere sex objects.

Why on earth does Bollywood ape the west so blindly? From copying their scripts to aping their culture, Bollywood (in the hands of Karan Johar, Sajid Khan and the likes) has surely lost its unique traditional charm that it once had.

Almost every Hollywood movie that is mostly high on the nudity quotient is easily available on the internet. Our mainstream filmmakers leave no stone unturned in copying such chick-flicks for our Indian audience.

Mainstream Hollywood has influenced Bollywood like a plague as it spreads and continuously gains popularity. It is really sad to watch our generation trying to dress and act like their Hip Hop Icons and young girls idolizing Britney, Christina and the Hiltons .

I hope we wake up before we turn into apes.