Why ‘Pappu’ aka Rahul Gandhi remains a douchebag

Created by Nupur Tripathy - 7th Aug, 2013
Why ‘Pappu’ aka Rahul Gandhi remains a douchebag

We had such high hopes about our future leader, our foreign returned good looking Rahul Gandhi. But his latest controversies make us wonder, 'did we really think a 'foot-in the-mouth' politician could lead our diverse country? Oh dear, why on earth did we think he could replace the ever so charismatic Rajeev Gandhi? I guess having the same surname is never a deal maker.

As far as I can remember, I always thought of Gandhi junior as a good-looking Italian-Indian breed with intellect and education that could match any hi-flier. His early appearances with mommy Gandhi and sister Priyanka always made me wonder how well-mannered and quiet this Gandhi scion is.

But little did I know that behind all the quietness, lay a defected unforgiving brain!

Ever since Rahul Gandhi came out in the political circle, the opposition have tried all their little schemes to let the young youth icon down. But I guess it wasn't even that troublesome for the opposition to do that dirty job.

Thanks to Rahul Gandhi's pea-size brain, the young lad has always found himself in a controversial ruckus.

It all started with one of his first public speeches, where Rahul Gandhi compared India with Saudi Arabia. LOL! As if that didn't make us fall in our seats, he was quick to replace the first scandal with another one, where he promptly told young Indians that in his University, no one had ever heard of India till 1991.

There was a huge public outcry over his stupid and senseless statements.

Take the time when Rahul went to a dalit women's house (Kalavati) and spent a whole day with her. He ate there, spoke to the poor lady and then spoke about his experiences in the parliament.

After experiencing her ordeal, it baffles me to read about Pappu Gandhi's latest controversy where he said, 'Poverty is a state of mind'.

Really Gandhi? Is that what you really think? Well, at least with so many of his notorious statements coming out, one thing is clear. In the 2014 General elections, we know which candidate to vote for, and his name will definitely not start with an 'R'. Wink Win