Why Narendra Modi could become PM.

Created by Nina S - 12th Sep, 2013
Why Narendra Modi could become PM.

While many of Modi's detractors including me have been saying he has no chance at becoming the PM of this country, there are certain factors that could see him win the 2014 general elections. Factors that could be his doing or something called providence that might come in to play because of the incompetency of his competitors. Here's my list of reasons that Modi stands a scary chance of becoming the Prime Minister of India.

1. Rahul Gandhi by his very existence could make people vote for Modi. This Congress scion by now has established himself as all talk and no action much like his party members. Dynastic politics has been the bane of India and the Gandhi parivar has been too complacent for too long. Modi may seem like the lesser of the two evils for the majority Hindus in this country. Congress' own supporters are finding it hard to constantly come up with excuses for the widespread corruption that has led the Indian economy to it's present state.

2. Congress' political strategy ensuring that every poor person gets food may get them votes from the poor but the large middle class which is suffering the brunt of this in terms of high price of commodities and living in general are not exactly empathetic to the needs of the poor. Modi on the other hand has constantly driven home the image that he is a son of the soil who comes from an impoverished background who can actually help the poor because quite simply he knows what it means to be poor!

3. Modi has been known to be aggressive be in it his provocative speeches, his image that has been created in the media, and how he claims to be a doer. People may think that being aggressive means being proactive and that could divert votes to him.

4. He is no doubt the only missile that the BJP can launch to seriously dent the Congress' might. Of course it doesn't help that with Sonia's foreign origins always rearing its ugly head, Modi has and will continue to use that as ammunition against the Congress.

5. Shining Gujarat has been attributed solely to him. Here was someone who inherited a state that was reeling under the effects of a devastating earthquake when he was sworn in as CM and now with his PR machinery working over time has managed to create a perception of himself as a super hero.

6. His carrot on the stick policy of claiming to create more jobs and help businesses grow can make the most righteous man vote for him. After all it's OK on the one hand to have lofty ideals but at the end of the day you need a job and money to sustain yourself. That alone is the harsh truth.

7. He has been called a mass murderer of innocent victims in the aftermath of Godhra but it's a case of pot calling kettle black. How can the Congress deny it's links to the 1984 Sikh riots?

8. Modi has a huge support structure in terms of Gujarati NRI votes. In fact they have the clout to mobilize funds for his expensive political campaign. And guess which community is responsible for a sizeable part of the GDP of this country?

9. Let's face it religion is the opium of the masses and when someone uses that as a reason to incite people, nothing works as effectively.

10. Modi was accused of not being a team player. But he is an adminstrator which is what could work in his favour unlike the current PM who has been accused of being a puppet.

"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings."-From Julius Casear.

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