Why is Rahul Gandhi always late?

Created by Dev Kashyap - 25th Jun, 2013
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Why is Rahul Gandhi always late?

The Uttarakhand floods has brought the entire country together. We are all worried for the people stuck there and are mourning the dead. But in all this, Congress's beloved Rahul seemed to have been absconding.

But all of a sudden today's newspaper read 'Rahul Gandhi reaches Guptkashi to meet flood victims'. After so many days, when 10,000 people have already died and the army is doing all it can to help the victims, why has Rahul Gandhi suddenly entered the scene? Does he want his pictures in the newspapers?

Every time the country is in crisis, Rahul Gandhi goes missing. And then he would make a late reluctant entry into the scene when is not really needed. Is this really the best future PM option congress has to offer?