Why Do Men Rape?

Created by Jitendra Bai - 1st Jul, 2014

Rape, a heinous crime makes me ask just a few thousand questions. What is the motive behind a rape? What does the culprit get out of the barbaric act? What is a psychology of a rapist? Is it a power play? Is it a way to vent out frustration and anger? Asserting control and dominance over a physically weaker being, what has 'he, a man' been trying to prove over years? What is a rapist's childhood like? What was the role of a woman in his life? How was/is his wife, sister, daughter like? Did he hate women since his growing years so much that he tried to take revenge on them through raping every other woman? What triggers committing of a rape?

All I understand is that it is the weak and the insecure who tries to dominate and hungers for power, it is the weak who is not at peace. So, how can this weaker being suppress an actually strong person who has no ill-intentions? There is certainly no pleasure in something like rape. Unless your partner is happy how can you derive happiness or pleasure out of that physical intimacy? Can rehabilitation help these mentally sick beings? Can getting them spiritually-inclined help them? Can any baba, guru or God help them transform? Have these rapists ever said a prayer? Can these animals be transformed into being human? Can this humiliating behaviour on their part be pardoned? Why do we not punish them twice as brutally so as to set the right example? 'Kshama', or excusing them is a crime. Letting them roam freely is a crime, which brings as much disgust as the crime itself.