Why am I called Non-working?

Created by Indali - 30th Jan, 2013
Interests Tagged #Housewife #Destiny #Cooking

My day starts at seven in the morning and it ends at eleven at night. During the day I keep running from one place to another doing some or the other tedious task. I keep a track of what to buy and when to buy. I keep everyone wardrobes neat and clean. I toil hard to maintain the beauty at home. Every day I think of cooking something new for two different meals of the day. I look after everyone's health. I am confined to home for most part of the day. At times I rarely get a chance to peek out of home. I keep waiting for everyone to come back home. Amid of all the responsibilities I overlook my needs. To keep everyone satisfied I sacrifice my career. For years I studied hard to make myself financially independent. Today I don't get a chance to shape my own destiny. I live a mundane routine year by year and yet I am called Non-working. I am a Housewife.