Who's your favourite 'Khan' of Bollywood?

Created by Sagar Potnis - 30th Apr, 2013
Who's your favourite 'Khan' of Bollywood?

Have you ever noticed the amount of Khans we have in our film fraternity. From Aamir to Saif Ali Khan, we have 'em all guys. But if you had to choose just one out of all these, who would you pick?

Well, on that note, let us start our evaluation of the favourite Khan in Bollywood. Let's start with the ace Khan of movies, Aamir Khan.

So how different is Aamir Khan from the rest of the Khans. For starters, the man with a fewer words does not ramble away at award functions and interviews. Whatever little the man talks, it almost always makes sense. On the other hand, we have another kind of Khan, Mr. Salman 'Dabangg' Khan, who will bore you to death with his never-ending small-talks.

While Aamir Khan indulges in intelligent conversations which are real and intellectual, we have another kind of Khan, Saif Ali Khan, who simply cannot get over his swanky british accent. Every interview he appears for, has to have that stupid british accent rolling out of his tongue (Ewww).

While SRK comes close to Aamir Khan when it comes to intellect, there is still one hurdle that he needs to cross to enter my list of favourite Khans. 'Dear king (pauper) Khan, skip the self-praise already!' I mean haven't we all had enough of his little antics?

So, after reviewing all the major Khans our Bollywood industry has to offer, we have found ourselves a clear winner. Aamir Khan has all our votes (as well as our love)