What Bollywood stars should really be doing

Created by Nina S - 17th Jul, 2013
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What Bollywood stars should really be doing

So the fact remains that Bollywood stars may at sometime during their careers have an existential crisis and with good reason might I add. Because while they have got that film career on a golden platter either through their legacy or through the bedroom, they's be much better suited honing their talent in other fields. In fact several industries could benefit from their hidden talents given them not only a form of sustainable career but also better industry standards. So here goes my list of Bollywood stars who are wasting their time acting when they could easily be doing something more satisfying.

Hrithik Roshan, now here's a man who'd get paid millions warming women's beds. His bronzed Adonis like looks and a bad ass body to booty is wasted gyrating in front of cameras when in reality it should be put to good use in the bedroom. A world class gigolo indeed!

Salman Khan wasting all that pent up rage on pavement dwellers and Bollywood bimbos. What he should really be doing is letting out his 'Human' side and protect the club going druggies as a bouncer. Trust me their wouldn't be a Manu Sharma if this guy had been on the graveyard shift that day. Just a Manu Sharma shaped stain!

Tusshar Kapoor had the bad fortune of being related to Ekta Kapoor. Not only did he not inherit his dad Jeetendra's good looks but had to contend with a sister who's more manly than him. And with the way his film career seems to be going, he may just land up sweeping the halls of Mannat.

Sonam Kapoor spends more time preening at us from fashion glossies than doing any roles that have set her apart. The only bright light at the end of the long dark tunnel that is her career has been when she played the vacuous Aisha. But then there really shouldn't be any extra points for playing oneself in films. What she should be doing is turning her pretty lil head light and right at the catwalks in Milan checking out the latest fashion trends and then writing about them in a some glossy.

Kareena Kapoor does have allusions of grandeur considering her legacy but what she is best suited to doing is endorsing botox injections in the lip. That pout has to be made expendable some where.

And how can this list not include Abhishek Bachchan. The poor lil rich boy should really just resign himself to being called Mr Aishwarya Rai and Beti B's daddy.