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Created by Pawan Sharma - 13th Feb, 2013
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A famous saying goes like this "Time and tide waits for none". Human brain has devised a device that enables to carry time and avoid tides. This device is the watch. The ticking sound of the watch implies that time is moving ahead. Gone are the days when watch was mainly used for keeping note of the time. There are many devices that give time. Now, people wear watch as an accessory that they like to flaunt. Those who like to have a complete wardrobe, including the accessories a watch is certainly an important item. Remember to wear a watch from top companies so, that you can flaunt them with pride. Men are more likely to be fond of watch because they have very few accessories to show off, watch being the prime one. The wrist watch was developed by Mr. Patek Phillipe in the year 1868. Wrist watch gained wide popularity and fame around 1880's and since then watches have evolved as one of the most elegant and luxurious accessories of all times.

The present generation contemporary watches can also be incorporated in the jewellery segment since the dials and straps of these watches are customized to embrace gemstones such as gold, ruby, diamonds and platinum. Those blessed with wealth and prosperity can afford to own these precious watches. Before we proceed with the mention of big brands of watches you must know a little about the pocket watches. These are considered as the father's of the wrist watches. Today, also they are available in some stores and are priced exuberantly.

Whenever we talk about watches the first company that strikes our mind is the omega watch. Each watch made by this company is a piece of art. If you are interested in making a wonderful collection of watches then watches from Omega would be an appropriate one for you. The popularity of Omega watches cannot be questioned by anyone. It is a Swiss brand and is situated in Bienne. From James Bond to Nicole Kidman to even John F. Kennedy and Prince William, everyone has sported this watch once in their lifetime. It was the first watch to be worn on the moon and has been also used at the Olympics as the official time keeping device. The famous Omega Speedmaster or the Moonwatch was a watch that was officially used throughout all the Apollo missions. With such a fantastic history, the watches by this brand must really be something, isn't it?

Another watch that has taken customers with a surprise is the watch Titan Company. An Indian brand watch that has been serving the people needs for a decades. The watches form Titan is available in various price ranges that cater for both the affluent and mid-income group people. Titan watches are as famous as the other top international brands.

The watches can be worn by self and can also be gifted. During the marriage and festive seasons watches gain a lot of popularity as they serve as perfect wedding gifts. For prices and detailed features one can visit online stores that give every detail of each brand of watch.