Virat vs Rohit the no.4 dilemma .

Created by Atul Wassan - 2nd Dec, 2013
Virat vs  Rohit the no.4 dilemma .

A few weeks ago when asked by Salman khan in a function as to whom Sachin thought would equal or better his records , Sachin candidly said Rohit and Virat without missing a beat . To me this was the highest praise for any young player . Virat is already burning the charts and soon after Sachin's declaration , Rohit got in the act as well and in the two test matches played by him so far has an avg. of 288 . If we add to this the double hundred he notched up against Australia the we can say that he has had an orgasmic month as a cricketer . Seldom in a career a player goes through this patch and Rohit and Virat are smart enough to en cash it while this purple patch lasts . I just hope that they have not used up all the runs and have some left in the tank for South africa .

Openers slot in cricket as a centre forward in hockey or football and a quarterback in american football is the most glamorous and pivotal position . In the Indian context this was largely due to the fact that Sunil Gavasker got all the records as an opener . Internationally and traditionally the top batters have been no.3 for eg. Bradman , Ponting , Dravid , Sangakara and Lara . The new exalted batting position in world cricket is surly no. 4 now thanks to Mr Tendulkar . All new comers unless they are specialist openers have to start their way up the batting order by batting at no. 6 . Sachin did it , Ganguly did it and so did many others .

Its amusing to see the problem in hand for Dhoni and will be interesting to see whom he hands over the coveted slot against SA . There are many logics and theories on who would be best but I might be biased in my point of view and would go with Virat . My reasons are purely esoteric and traditional . First that virat has proven himself in the test XI , he has done the hard yards and now ready awaiting promotion , he has fuelled the imagination of all stat junkies and if someone is pitchforked ahead of him and he is bypassed then he might feel let down . I am sure the kind of team man he is , he will not let this affect his focus but it will leave a bad taste in the mouth for sure . What finally works out for the indian team is not known but there is something called propriety and " parampara ' in cricket that needs to be followed .

In sheer number of records leaving aside the utility , contribution , impact and resource there is no one even close to prolific Virat . Equalling of Sir ViV's record to fastest 5000 runs is a a clear indication to Virat factor in india's march in world cricket . India and world cricket needed an obsession after Sachin and Virat has filled the slot beautifully . I don't want to get greedy and demand more and more . Having myself played the game at all levels for a reasonable period of time I now that dark days will also come when even a top player finds it hard to lay a bat on bowl . "Yips" is lurking for all top players no matter the sport , era or stature . The true test for Virat will lie when he hits this patch . I have watched him grow from a frothy youngster , at times brash , overconfident teen into a confident and balanced captain in waiting . I have no doubt that he will have the wits about him when the speed breaker will come . ...and mind you it will come , but when you cross over it and get your second wind .... man ! that's the sporting nirvana all players dream of .