Valentine Day is Around,some Dignity Please!

Created by Neelam Nath - 10th Feb, 2013

Healthy Bacteria Valentine is in the Air...Hope Nobody is Intending for a Breakup,if so in a Fast changing Selfish World,Do not Act Smart..Mud slinging..Character assasination..Sending Bullies ,Trouble shooters to Harass at Work place..posing a Holy Cow image of Self and making Mockery of other party and the relationship that was as pure as 24 carat Gold...ABCD gave enough masala to society ,and society, relatives,friends,neighbors Authorities,Women Expected sided Him,made woman responsible... He was Coping with Difficulty all these years,tolerating All Types of Hunger Pangs !! . What do Macho Men feel ?? Women are Biologically Stronger,if they opt not to Ruin themselves in Bottle,Drugs,being a Recluse,and be Socially Isolated... One man paid for 100 Nasty Messages about his??woman in a Leading Newspaper on Valentine's Day, made it Obvious it Reaches her, in fact She was not Even His Woman, Some other woman was having Material and Social Gains.... .It was Difficult for the Material Macho man to Let Go.. Watch Love Aaj Kal..and learn to Celebrate the Breakup...yawn..( though I Believe in Sulking and having a Knack of not Showing Off Rejection.) Things can be kept under Wraps..that is the Precious Aspect of True Love.... Learn to take Defeat in your Stride.. Publishing Notices is Making Mockery of this Very Relationship, that May Happen only Once in a Lifetime to the Lucky Blessed Few...