Unusual situation!! dead marriage - I

Created by Asterix Supertramp - 15th Mar, 2012

2 problems here. one with my marriage life and other with the relationship with my parents. Dead Facts: ~13months into marriage, no sex YET. My wife isn't comfortable (better say not interested) for any intimacy. She neither likes sex, nor like to be touched in a sensual manner. She says she needs time!! She doesn't like smooching, kissing - she expects me to give a sprint kiss and leave her alone, she does not respond to my moves and lies on the bed with her arms covering her face. All the things were talked before going to honeymoon as to what to expect. At the end of it, the conclusion was she wanted more time. But before the end of honeymoon and start, we tried "doing" things much to her dismay. She felt traumatized, which left me with strange feeling. I Never forced her physically, but insisted or convinced to have it once during our honeymoon and we tried it (but dint have intercourse), yet she thinks she was "raped". She was dead serious about this. When she told me about this, I lost confidence in her. She told me that she has never "tuched" herself in her life, clearly indicating her interest in sex. She says that she will try to get adjusted to al these. But, I dont want pity fuck. Its unfair for me as well as for her. I dont want her to think that she is doing some favour by having sex. She has problem if i put my leg on her, she says am too heavy and cant bear my weight (am barely 60kgs). She has some health problems, whch was not told to us before marriage (but this was never an issue). When I paid visit to her place, about 5months after marriage, she dint even wanted me to sleep with her in the bed. There was 2 cots in the room and she tells me that "her" bed was small and wont be comfortable for us and I had to sleep on the other one - that was spacious enuf for 2. I feel she still is not matured to be in this relationship. She expects me to "treat her like small kid". These were her very words.. Her mindset also has become like that. some 13 year old kid.. She is not bad girl at all, but I dont think she has aptitude to be in relationship. I cant continue to be like a saint.. This has left me in catch 22 situation. Things had escalated to her home and I made it clear that things wont work like this. She also has problem with my mom. Thats another big story. At present am staying out of country since last 5months..am on my job. She is staying separately since she also has problem with my mom. She talks okay with my sis-in-law and brother. I feel i have lost myself in the middle of nowhere. All the novelty is lost and lost interest in her, midway.. Therez lot more to talk.. but .. what do you think, folks?? btw, she is known us through my sibling's close friend's sibling.