Unusual Dahej from a father to his grown up daughters

Created by Neelam Nath - 13th Nov, 2012

Dear Girls,I was deliberately Not there when you were growing up and bringing laurels,I didnot get you Licences to Drive your own cars,but I bless my soninlaws to give a Damn to Law,and do as Desired and Required! and I Got a Heaven sent Excuse to Shun Responsibility..the Team I HAD collected to Prove ...Officers Need Not be Gentlemen...... and a Male Embryo transfer, thru my 2nd Obedient Wife, and ..give Her Legal Status of The Wife, AFTER.......Your Biological Mother Popps off, Cant you see, Miserable State...she is in..because of Deliberate ME.....surprise you 3 girls....with a Half Brother! Now I am up there,despite Entire Medical fraternity being at Red alert to save the Immortal Me, but I am leaving My Illgotten money for all of you daughters to Fight,to confuse your lives,and Licences to soninlaws...to maintain a parallel home and comforts..far away fro Responsibility and Taunts of 3 daughters, I am happy,your mother is Still Struggling...huffing panting for oxygen....and my 2nd wife,not the legal one though... is Comfortable with my money.. .though she is young and well kept..she has lots of Other options to carry on .. with the life,her State is(im) famous for,and Generates Revenue for our nation thru Tourism Indusrtry! There is this NRI nWorldly Wise Politically Connected Gentleman, now emerging from somewhere,it Seems He was The MAKER....he is supposed to be Sayana and Wordly wise, see for yourselves, he has given Shelters to so many lives, and he is not a Quiet Dayawaan, but Believes in shouting from Rooftops, about it, like me ,your Biological father,supposedly..who can Die for his Daughters,like his childhood NRI buddy...we have been childhood buddies, who would know me more than Him. My professor of anesthesia.. could see the game plan to Fiddle with anesthesia machine,to stop oxygen supply,1985,when your Biological mother was being operated for gallbladder, I Failed...then a Stranger of a Cardiac surgeon could see my game plan,2008 when your biological mother had a bypass surgery...all our Efforts to ruin you All.,the women, who Donot Toe the line, Donot go on killing Girls,till a son comes along..and on top of it Dare to Study,to get a Direction ..ME.. Failed miserably ,COULD not fiddle with Destiny, could not Prove officers Or.gentlemen???Diwali is a Cleanesing festival.. .Happy Diwali to my Soninlaws, to give a Damn to Law..and carry on...be happy where the self is... so what...I was never there for my daughters... to give the them Driving Licences....to Drive thru Life..Now..Me Up there, Happy to Seee you Alll Confused... Goddess Laxmi brightens our paths to give a Direction...me happy to see you confused,Illadviced and Rudderless... may be your Biological mother,who gave the wayward me a status,a home full of Bright Daughters, and....I..Deliberately made them shelterless...No regrets Still...as my kind of Species dont believe in Regrets. .we Plan too well in ADvance...and Regret Nothing!