To Stop Crime Need to Change Attitude Towards Women

Created by Susanta Mukherjee - 25th Aug, 2013

The whole country witnessed another barbaric rape incident. The sad incident happened just a few meters away from a crowded place under the nose of police and other security agencies. It's not the single case of rape that happened after the sad 16th December 2012 incident when a young woman was brutally raped. She died later. The incident was so gruesome that it touched the heart and mind of every one. People came out spontaneously to protest. There was grief and anger among the people. There were huge protests, rallies demanding stringent punishment for the criminals. The people across different fraternity as well as political leaders along with the common man criticized Government for failing to provide security to women. There was demand for tougher law against rape. There were discussions for change in the Juvenile law. The case was given to a fast track court. The government formed committees for reviewing laws to deal with sexual assault cases against women. The repercussions were so high that probably even most illiterate people of this country were aware of this. People were slightly relaxed(?) thinking Ok, now there will be fear among the perpetrators to do such crime.

But it was not even a week; we started reading news on rape incidents including child abuse. In the last eight months there were many cases of rape and sexual assaults on women. Even there was case where the victim was burnt alive. But how come such thing can happen when there is so much discussions and the country is preparing for strongest punishment? How can be someone so fearless? It was just a couple of months back when the whole people of the country had shown anger against such torture. Is not it quite surprising that even after seeing such kind of anger there are people who can dare to do such crime? After all no one born as criminal. What makes them to do such crime?

There are many answers and views. Some people say there should be exemplary punishment for such crime. Only fear for law will minimize such crime. Some asks for security. Some suggests social reform required along with better judiciary system. And of course there is not a single answer which solves the problem. If we see the cases, we see most of times the crimes are committed by those who do not have social responsibility, foresights and respects for the others specially women. Let me think in a slightly different direction. It is said that the social behavior, attitude etc. of a person depends on the way he or she was brought up. The childhood of person has great impact on his/her growth as a fully responsible citizen. During childhood one learns through observations. Once a person acquires enough knowledge through education, he or she gets the ability to justify wrong and right of those observations. Now let's consider the childhood of a small boy across average Indian families. We will see that most of them brought up in a family environment where the father rules the family. They will consistently find their mother follows the instructions of her husband without complain. They will tolerate all the behaviors of their husbands. In case of joint family the scenario is worst. There will be more men to whom women needs to listen and follow instructions. Not only in home almost all sort of family occasions, they will see a visible dominance of male over female. In case of poor family that is worst. There are families where there will be open preference to the boys over girls may it be cloths or foods. The boys will grow observing service to the men of the family by the women and their undeclared self-surrender to this dominance. He will observe all that makes men superior than women. These doses of poison start corrupting a boy's mentality. I am talking about inside the family, what about the outside world? We already have young men in everywhere who loves teasing women. It may be road or inside a bus. Beside this there are movies and events which show a dominance of men over women. I do agree that there are enough occasions as well where we show respect to women. However that is not prominent. But still the problem is not critical unless the boy growing in such an environment get well social education. The education helps justify wrong and right. Unfortunately that does not happen to all. Because of this there is high chance that a boy by the time become a teenage will grow a complete bias attitude towards women. The gender discrimination is so high in our country is that even many of the educated people remain biased. Imagine about who are not fully educated or never get a chance for education. This is because of the culture we brought up in. In a gender bias, male dominant society with uneducated person there is always chance of violence to women. There is need of more lessons on social behavior, respect and responsibilities for children to have a better generation. We should teach children to respect women. Their lesson should describe and emphasize more on women power and women's achievements in the society. There is need of social reforms to involve women in bigger role to project that they are equally capable.

Law and Judiciary can improve punishment and ensure justice. Punishing the criminal is fine but not the end. Stopping crimes from happening is the best. Neither law nor police can change attitude. Police cannot stop crime toward women if attitude of men do not change and unless our society start giving true respect to women. This change actually requires from child hood.