Tips to strike that perfect work-life balance

Created by Anjum Seth - 15th Jul, 2013
Tips to strike that perfect work-life balance

In a life where maintaining equilibrium between your work and personal life has become a challenge, we see most people struggling hard every day and finding ways to overcome this. If you also fall in the same category of not being able to maintain a perfect work-life balance, chances are high that you would be more stressed than normal. If we continue to work like machines and pay no heed to our personal and social life, things would really become difficult to handle. But there has to be way out to restore harmony. Read through this 6-tip-guide and work towards having that much needed balance in life, which would let you live with peace.

1. Never take your office work back home. It's good to be in love with your job or for that matter even being married to your work but letting that work pressure take a toll on your family life isn't really a great idea. Once office hours are over, make it a point to not even discuss work forget taking any pending burden back home with you to finish.

2. Don't lock yourself into the room. After a hectic day at work, it's quite understandable that you need your space and peace of mind but that doesn't mean you would isolate yourself from everyone else. Avoid sitting alone in your room, instead sit in the living area and watch some interesting TV show with your family.

3. Manage family time however it is possible. More often than not we tend to think that as long as we are at home and with family members around us, it's sufficient to be called as family time. NO, it's not the right way. If you have to come out of the office monotony, you need to take time out and be with your family - physically and mentally. Sit with them and indulge in a healthy conversation, as it would only help you unwind your senses.

4. Learn to prioritize things. No doubt we all love to work and sometimes overwork and still remain underpaid but that's not going to help in any way. Learn to plan things in accordance of their priority. If you would remained concerned about work all the time and ignore your personal life, that's a mistake you commit by choice. You have to understand that sometimes it's okay to say NO to things at work if they are eating up your family time.

5. Maintain a calendar and manage your time. In a bid to finish everything fast, we often end up doing nothing as efficiently as we could have done it otherwise. So it's suggested that you maintain a daily task sheet so that you know the tasks and chores that have to be finished within office timings. It would definitely leave you with sufficient time to enjoy post work. If you have continuous worries disturbing your mind, there is no way you can make the most of your family life.

6. Eat healthy and stay fit. We don't realize but work-life balance has a lot to do with our physical stamina too. Only if our immune system is strong and we are fit mentally to take the right and timely decision, we can enjoy work and life both without making any compromises. Do not skip meals just because you couldn't get time, you have to manage time. Also, if possible try doing some basic exercises while sitting at your workstation, as it would keep you refreshed and you'd feel less fatigued.

Try incorporating these things in your daily lifestyle and see things changing for better. Make sure you follow these religiously and you'd see your productivity would be more at work and you'd be a happier person back home.