The Second Home for the Successful Launch of Exclusive Flats in Kolkata

Created by Gaurav Verma - 26th Dec, 2012
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Kolkata is known to be the capital of West Bengal and is situated on the bank of the river Ganges. Due to the advancement in jobs and the education,the city is seen to be booming in terms of the real estate. It is highly known to meet the successive demand for all the individuals with the great housing facilities. As this city is experiencing a rapid growth in the residential sectors, hence the Kolkata real estate is thereby flourishing. It is highly recommended that when you are suppose to choose the apartments for sale in Kolkata, then it is highly recommended either to have a good check out on the construction quality of the property. Even you need to do a background check on the reputation of the builder as well as contractor who has built the houses.

Being considered to be the tier II city, the city Kolkata is known to draw the safest investment from the potential investors. This city is considered to be the second home in terms of the jobs, business and education. It has been seen that around 60% of the entire Kolkata property market is driven by the investments by the investors. When you buy property in Kolkata, it is highly recommended to visit or to check out other buildings by the same developer which will definitely give a brief idea on how smooth and stress-free life you can expect at the property you will be buying.

As the demand is seen to be greatly increasing, hence the price for the apartment in Kolkata is thereby increasing. If you wish to purchase a good flat in South Kolkata, then you need to pay Rs. 3000 per square feet. Before 6 months the price of the same property was Rs 2200 only. Since this city is moving forward with the steps of world economy, the residential property in Kolkata has been thus fascinating. It includes both residential as well as the commercial properties. With rise within the demand of peace and healthy living, the city Kolkata comes across together of the foremost enviable residential and commercial investment properties thereby providing you with splendid living standards. The main reason why the demand for the apartments in Kolkata are increasing is the matter of fact that this is basically due to the growth and the development in the industrialization sectors including the IT sectors

Among the flats in Kolkata, the 2 BHK flats are on high demand, due to the top quality infrastructure as well as the cheap costs. Jain Dream Residency Manor as well as Shrachi Rosedale NRI, are known as some of the best residences that are perfect enough to maintain an ideal balance among all prospects of nature. These flats are seen to be located in the suburban region of the city and is well equipped with the world class of facilities. The rooms available in these flats are quite spacious enough and is having the marble flooring that gives an elegant look to the whole apartments. Some of the perfect location where you can easily rent a house are EM Bypass, Salt Lake, as well as New Alipore. According to the Kamal Kanti Ghosh, the consultant of the R K Saha Property, states that rental value of a semi-furnished 2BHK flats in Kolkata ranges from Rs 10,000 - 12,000 per month while the price of the fully furnished 2 BHK is about Rs 15,000 - 25,000 per month. While buying apartments in Kolkata, you will always look for the best one that can surely fulfill your dream. Its quite obvious that while purchasing it you will also look after locations, amenities and builders.