The problem of aam bhartiya janata

Created by Souvik - 23rd Jan, 2014
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The problem of aam bhartiya janata

In present situation even a small child can predict that there is nothing left for congress to conquer in 2014 polls.The game is all between BJP, AAP and the regional parties. But the bone of contention that arises for a common voter who feels divided between AAP and BJP is that, neither parties has been perfect to fit the bill.

" I am a fan of narendra modi and i have admiration for vajpayee ji and advani as political leaders, but as MCD is under BJP, the functioning is too bad and i felt detested, but now looking at AAP sincerity iam confused over my loyalty " says Sanjay sharma, a businessman from south delhi . The problem arises when a party fails to deliver good governance overall.
Many feel that there might be supporters of narendra modi as an effective leader who has bought change in Gujarat, People may vouch for Modi's honesty too. But, an aam junta in delhi feels that BJP in Gujarat is different from BJP in delhi. People are different. A BJP worker from Gujarat may put his state prosperity at fore front.But a MCD official of BJP or even a BJP MLA are said to be part of the various mafia's that run secretly in delhi. Undoubtedly narendra modi has become a brand of development, but an ordinary delhite feels differently. " Its a contradicting situation for me. I like Modi and BJP central leadership but i dont like the state run local BJP leaders in delhi. Just because i idiolise modi, how can i be rest assured that the MP's or MLA's of BJP will work with same integrity as him? Although i want modi to be PM but i prefer an AAP candiate for my constituency because its results are showing" says a student from Delhi University. The perception arises that sometimes individuals weigh bigger than loyalties towards parties. Its now about who is working efficently in their region. There are inefficient leaders who may do no work but want to capitalise on modi's popularity. A BJP leader doing no work in his area cant cash in the popularity of modi and win polls.
Over the years BJP may have been branded as a communal party while AAP enjoys being a secular entity plus the messiah of corruption remover .Meanwhile the story is no different for AAP either.The recent incidents resulted in many people being annoyed with AAP mechanism. Arvind Kejriwal demanding BJP to show proofs agaisnt sheila dixit didnt go well with a major section of people. Bringing delhi to a halt due to dharna and the most infamous of all the somnath bharti case has tarnished AAP till a lot extent. Saroj Gill a house wife says, " I supported AAP and voted for it, but i felt disgusted to see the actions of sommath bharti . AAP MLA from our constituency is helpful but looking at the recent behaviour and choas created by kejriwal how do i vote them in Lok Sabha polls?"
The Aam Bharitya Janata is surely in a dilemma to find a spotless political party and this confusion will reflect in poll results ahead. The need for a party which delivers at all levels among its all ministers and public uniformly.