The ‘great’ Indian pressure

Created by Monika Rawal - 19th May, 2013

I am 27, single and loving it... like HOW!!! I don't understand whether people around me envy me for reasons best known to them or they actually care for real. Whatever! Who has the time to think all this? Life has come to me with open arms and it's only wise to live every bit of it. Though at times, it seems the uncalled for 'pressure' from all side is trying its bit to make things hard for me.

Pressure to marry, to have kids in time, to look a certain way, to have a stable job, to earn a fixed amount every month, to wear set kind of clothes, to be back home at a given time blah blah blah... Sigh!!! It looks everyone around is more concerned about what I do rather that focusing on their own pathetic lives they are living.

There are times when it gets too much to handle that you just cannot breathe. For me, it started when I was 23 and all relatives would only have one question to ask - 'so, when are you getting married'. As if, it's the last thing on the earth I would want to do before I die. Four years and I still come across some losers who have no agenda in life but to worry about when I am tying the knot. Give me a break!

And if some happened to be liberal enough to not care about the much hyped marital bond, it would be my monthly pay package that becomes a great are of concern. It gets even more annoying when the most distant relatives, who I don't even get to see in years at a stretch, would give me words of wisdom on what I should wear for a family function. Hello! It's not of your damn business. I don't understand why people don't realize that by putting such pressure, they are only making life hell for the person on the receiving end.

And trust me, the reason people in other countries are much happier than us Indians is not because they have economical growth and other modern amenities, but simply because they don't feel the 'pressure' from all side. It is only in India that this pressure takes a toll on one's life.

It's like if you are a girl and an Indian, you have to abide by some set of rules that society has made for you to follow. And if you don't, then be ready to face this 'great' Indian pressure all the time.