The Confession.

Created by Atishubh Vaishnaw - 22nd Oct, 2010

My name is manoj .I am 24 years old.I was born in mandi, a small town in Himachal pradesh.My father was a teacher.I lost my
mother in my childhood and was brought up by my father only.I was never good in studies. I neither had big dreams nor I wanted
to do something for anyone.I always missed my mother. My father was tough from outside ,so I always hesitated to express myself
in front of him.I always wanted someone.

In college I met sudha.I fell in love with her.We never became friends but started loving eah other.I shared every bit of my
life with her.Everything, like how I spent my childhood without mother, how I used to play alone with toys, how I was beaten from my father.She was like a tree under which I felt relaxed and protected from outside world.She was the world for me and I didn't wanted anything else.College was over and I was not so gallant or lucky to get any placements.Now I have to face the real world and get a job to keep us both running.I didn't wanted to be separated from her at any cost.Though I never told my father about sudha he knew everything, he asked me to concentrate on my career first.But I never listened what he said and the time was passing.

Pressure was building upon me to get a job.I wanted to do it for sudha.In the end I decided to move delhi to find a suitable job.My father supported me financially and never made me feel the lack of money.I started working hard , worked in insurance
companies,BPOs,Banks and finally got a suitable job in my field.But in the mean time during all these phase Sudha was not behaving as earlier.Her phone calls were reduced.Sometimes not responding to my calls.Sometimes I found call engaged.
She was not natural to me like before.Stared making excuses,started making me fool.I was totally confused.Then one day I came to know she having an affair with some rich guy.

I asked the whole matter to her which ultimatly resulted in breakup.My dreams were shattered.Everthing was over for me.I was on the verge of suicide.Felt helpless.
I called my father not to tell about the incident but just to hear his voice.He said that I am calling him after one month.
I really was calling him after one month.I have actually forgotten him.I talked to him normally but I don't know he realized
I am in great pain.He reached delhi the very next day.He sympathised me and assured that he will always stood by me in any condition.On that night I cooked food for my father and massaged his legs after many years.I realized that he was not the
same strong man like before.He slept.

I tried to woke him the next day but he was dead.There is nothing I have done for him though I loved him.

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