Team India going down the drain!

Created by Monika Rawal - 26th Dec, 2012
Team India going down the drain!

Losing a cricket match is nothing new for 'Team India' but when it Pakistan taking the glorious limelight on the other side, it becomes a BIG DEAL... at least for millions of cricket lovers who worship the sport and want to see their favourite players win. Yesterday's T20 match between India and Pakistan in Bangalore was certainly a 'clash of titans' as it renewed the cricket rivalry between arch rivals after five years following 26/11 Mumbai attacks in 2007. But for cricket lovers, it was rather disheartening to witness yet another shameful loss for Team India.

Honestly, it wasn't really surprising to see this five wicket loss to Pakistan, for a fact that our Indian cricketers are so engrossed and preoccupied with other things going in their head that they can barely focus on the game. With so much happening on the cricket front almost everyday, it's only obvious that Team India players get distracted, which clearly reflects on their on-ground performance. Then blame it on Sachin Tendulkar's retirement from ODI cricket that has left a deep void in the team, or Dhoni's captaincy coming under the scanner time and again, there's enough to be pointed out behind this disappointing defeat.

On top of it, our veteran cricketers too do not leave any stone unturned to make things worse by coming up with baseless arguments every now and then and speculating their own reasons on why the team isn't performing to the mark. Evidently, there are numerous reasons obstructing Team India's game play on the field but for how long players can continue to put the blame on others and not take the onus. It's high time that Team India starts to concentrate on strategies that can help then win big matches, instead of wasting time and getting embroiled in worthless controversies. Let's hope that matches to come in the high-voltage limited series would bring some rejoicing moments for Indian cricket fans. Fingers crossed!