Tapasya to Rashami - Reel to Real

Created by Rashami Desai - 15th Nov, 2013
Tapasya to Rashami - Reel to Real

A TV Actor lives parallel lives between reel and real life.

How about I break your bubble?!!! Efforts & hard work of approx atleast 30 - 40 people is invested on every character and same amount of people have worked on the character of Tapasya that I have played on screen. Big number right?!
Directors, assistants, creative team, dialogue writers, hair dresser, make-up artists, stylists, designers, spot boys and ofcourse ME are few of the long list of people who have worked as well as are working round the clock on the character to portray it as you all watch it.

Another confession to make to you all, when the role of Tapasya was offered to me I was very happy to play one of the main lead role in "Uttaran" and all that, but at the same time, I could not relate to the character of Tapasya at all. I managed to do some research and found out that people like that do exist. There are all sorts of people living around us with mental or psychological disorders. A character like Tapasya was just way too strong and self centred for me. Then, someone from my team had mentioned that such characters often exist but we never realise their traits.

Let me go for another breaking news, Rashami in real life and Tapasya in reel life are totally different.

In reel life, there is a lot of pressure to justify the role I am enacting, to look perfect, deliver the required amount of emotions, balancing personal and professional relations. It requires a balanced mind set to manage reel and real life. Especially since I could not relate to the character I had to additionally invest my time and effort to justify my portrayal. It ain't like an on and off button to emotions, once you are feel the character emotions come to me naturally. Often I am so engrossed in Tapasya, that I forget the true taste of Rashami..

Down the Uttaran chronology there came up a leap. And whilst the team was plotting the story, I was not too convinced to play the role of a mother and that too of a daughter who is my age in real life. That is when I decided to take a sabbatical. Meanwhile, Jhalak Dikhla Jaa was offered to me and it was one of the best things that has happened to me for the dancer within me. Big thanks to my fans who supported me and voted for me.

Soon after Jhalak, I took time to convince myself to come back in a role of mother in Uttaran. I was not sure that I would be able to do this role, and as an actor I accepted it as a challenge. Often we have seen in real life with every relationship change, a women has to maintain different relationships by fulfilling responsibilities of being a daughter, mom, masi, bua, bhabhi, beti, nanad, sister and uncountable relations. So this side of "Tapasya" was like giving me a feeler of all those responsibilties awaited in life.

My parents has helped tremenduously to understand the character. Ofcourse I was not very well versed as I am a young daughter in real life so to act like a parent was a big learning curve. All the nuances of language, body gestures, mental state, sincerity etc was the result of my research, my mom's guidance and producers constant support. My mom continues to watch my episodes and gives me a lot of feedback. Apart from my family, the creative team helped me tremendously to portray Tapasya right. Special thanks to the producer & director team who have been here to guide me.

So that now you all know, for your records to sum this up,

Tapasya is a Reel personality and Rashami is Real.

Winding up for now.. lots of Love
Rashamai xox

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