Stricter punishment for better society!

Created by Charu Sharma - 21st Dec, 2012
Stricter punishment for better society!

Yet another hideous crime, only because the crippled law fails to maintain any fear in the minds of the potential criminals!

For a country with almost 50% population constituted of women, working, studying, paying taxes... where the most influential positions in our country are held by women, and yet women are being abused on the streets like stray animals, it is disturbing and heart breaking. In a posh area, at not-so-late hours, another rape takes place. And then Madam Sheila Dixit will ask women to "not get adventurous", stay at home, not go out after dark, not take public conveyance.
Ironic how the potential victims are punished, not the criminals ...

The police manages to catch 4 of the culprits within 24 hours, but what can they do next, wait for the trial as they are tied down to the legal protocols. I blame our handicapped legal system that'll just jail n bail them later... Why there is no fear of consequences of committing a crime in our country? Because there are NO consequences!! The police can only hold accused behind bars till the court allows. Therefore, the police have no power, it lies in the hand of our judicial system to introduce and implement stricter and unconventional laws and rules to bring about a sense of fear of punishment among the citizens.

For once a murder can be justified, say as self-defense. There a trial makes sense. But do you justify a rape or a sexual assault of any sort, why do we need years long trials and court sessions to prove what a single medical report can tell in most cases.

A muder can be committed by a woman on a man, but the insult and disgust a man can cause a woman by rape, cannot be vice-versa'd. Come to think of it, it makes rape a racist act, one community trying to prove its superiority on the other community, trying to suppress it. For years, after our independence, we have fought for zero tolerance against racism, while this exploitation was growing right under our noses. Hence, it is but a must to eliminate the mere thought of committing such acts from the minds of all men.

Do we now fear every bus driver, vegetable-vendor, rickshaw-puller, auto-driver, because anyone can have the nerve to commit such a heinous crime and get away with it? These might be the same men who tell the women at their homes to not go out after dark, and yet themselves make the streets unsafe for the daughters, wives and sisters of others. Is it purely disrespect for womanhood, or could this strange hypocrisy be the signs of a sort of mental disorder? And if so, then why should we wait till the man rapes us, and not gets arrested at the first show of signs of perversion when they make a lewd comment at a woman. On the eve of the horrendous crime of Vasant Vihar rape, another incident took place that was reported in the newspapers next morning alongside. A minor girl threatened by a minor boy, and when the girl's father reported it to the police, he was turned we wait now till she gets raped, then raise our voices, and the offender is arrested only to be sent to juvenile court?

Some say educate the boys. For years men are learning to worship Goddesses and beating their wives. And yet, when such incidents occur, mothers hide their sons, wives defend their husbands, not understanding that anti-social element such as them must be eliminated to make our society a better place.

Education of the male members of our societies will take years to evolve their mindset. Death penalty as rightly pointed out by human rights activists will provoke criminals to rape and kill victims to avoid being identified. Hence, chemical castration might be a sensible punishment to reduce these crimes, which also must be followed with life term imprisonment, because once released the criminal's male ego will make them resort to harassing the victim or other women, which will increase other cases such as acid attacks.

In the current scenario, some of India's most influential personalities are women, be it Sonia Gandhi, Sheila Dixit, Mayawatiji, Mamta Banerjee and many more. Why is it that none of them take the necessary actions in the time of need? Indian politics is a bitch! No minister stands independent. Each one of them is tied to a party, answerable to a party, and can only pass a statement, a letter or an appeal with the support of the majority of their parties.

If today a law is passed to hang the convicts of this particular case, every victim will hope for justice. If that happens, how many of our ministers and political personalities will lose their sons, brothers, brother-in-laws, nephews, etc, because so many of them have been involved in similar crimes.

While some ministers try to save their families from their past actions, I ask our women politicians, how long will you be able to save your daughters and grand-daughters from future antisocial actions of others? Today you have bodyguards for them; tomorrow you might not hold enough ground for it... While you still have the power, don't you want to make your country safer for your future generations to be able to step out without worry?

Out of anger, tomorrow the citizens might take the law in their hands, I hope before the situation comes the authorities will step up ...

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