Sreesanth: The match fixing monkey

Created by Anjum Seth - 20th May, 2013
Sreesanth: The match fixing monkey

While I was driving back from work last night, I heard a very adequate statement on the radio. The radio jockey very amusingly said, 'Sreesanth should be called only by his first name now. Why tarnish the image of his family when he is the one who caused so much hurt to a cricket-crazy nation'

Sreesanth, who was worshipped by millions on the field, has now become a mere laughing stock of the world. The spot -fixing scandal has absolutely ruined it for the young fast-pacer. Why does greed come trickling down into these cricketers? Aren't they happy with the crores they're busy making?

How much is enough?

Sree in my opinion is the most foolish person in the world. The dumb-witted cricketer was a part of India's world cup glory. He had everything going right for him. He was also paid an enormous amount to be a part of Rajasthan Royals. Then why act stupid and get involved with underworld bookies and betting?

I remember watching the news once when Pakistan's tainted cricketers were the talk of the town. When Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif were detained in London, I remember having a moment of pride. I thought India had left behind such scandals. I thought our beloved Indian cricketers were far better than their Pakistani counterparts and they would never indulge in such pettiness.

But I was wrong and HOW!

Now, I feel betrayed! I want the BCCI and even the government to take the strictest possible action against these 3 disgraced cricketers. They do not deserve any mercy as they played with the sentiments of millions of cricket lovers.

Such men are a disgrace to our nation and must be banned from the sport forever! Sree, you had it coming!