Signs you are a social media addict!

Created by Megha C - 2nd Aug, 2013
Signs you are a social media addict!

Social media is fun but only to an extent that it doesn't invade your personal space and peace of mind. With more and more people getting hooked to social networking sites, this addiction is fast growing among teenagers, youth and even the middle aged.

Sometimes you don't realize that you have become badly addicted to this medium and by the time you can make out, it's already too late and you would have compromised a lot of other things that were more important. Get note of these signs, which validate that you are on your way to become a social media addict.

o Updating your Facebook status is the first thing you do after getting up in the morning. Even before going to bed, you get that urge to change it once again for everyone to know how your day was. Get a life guys!!!

o Only thing that keeps you busy through the day is keeping a tab on the number of LIKES and COMMENTS on your FB status and photos. Needless to say you can't stop yourself from replying to each one of them as soon as possible with those unavoidable smileys and emoticons. *sigh*

o You cannot wait to get back from a vacation to post the pictures on social networking sites. Hence, you start giving the glimpse of your private holiday moments to the whole world during your vacation break only. Phew!

o Everyday starts with checking news feeds and new photos of people in your Friend List. Seems like you have all the time in the world to stay updated with what's going in everyone's life. God save you!

o You follow celebrities on Twitter as if you know them inside out. Re-tweeting their posts and replying to their updates is like your daily routine that you cannot miss whatsoever. Even if that means compromising your office work, you don't really give a damn. Gutsy!

o Your mobile bill exceeds the limit every month because you use it less to make calls but more to check your social networking sites. While driving, eating, working and even when sleeping, you are online on social media 24 x 7. Ever thought of customer assistance???

o You update status about your minute-to-hourly happenings during the road. Traffic to lunch to meeting to any check-in, your status at times starts to sound like BREAKING NEWS. HUH...

o You go the extent of announcing your engagement date, wedding preparations and even divorce on a social networking platform. (SIC)

o If you get up from the sleep in the middle of the night, you would quickly check your smartphone for updates on any of your activity that you did on Facebook or Twitter. Get yourself checked you insomniac!

o You spend hours to correct your pictures on Photoshop before you actually upload and post them on your timeline. It won't be an exaggeration to say that some people waste time adding special effects to make pics look more dramatic for viewing. OMG, so much pain to save your virtual identity!

o You can sit and watch YouTube videos all over again and again - end number of times and share them with friends too without getting bored.

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