Created by Kashish Oberoi - 20th Jan, 2010

Shattered conceptions !

Let me first confess, what got me to write this piece, my sister has just completed her six months at work and is a changed person today. It really reminded me of my first year at work.

I was this cool chick, right out of a not so bad University with a Master's degree in Mass Communication. I felt so sorted in life, moving back to my city with a offer letter
in my hand. I was on cloud nine as I was one of the very few campus pick ups !

So with that little pride and ethics of journalism in my heart, I headed to work. I still
remember my first day, ma and pa had announced it to all relevant and not so
relevant relatives how their daughter had become a reporter with a reputed
channel. I still remember my dad saying " wo ab TV par dikhagee".

The pride in his voice, boosted my confidence and there I was on the doorstep of
my office. First few days went observing people, knowing managers and trying to
recall my eithics of journalism and how to apply them.

A month of the job, a very senior person from the management called me, with mixed feelings in my head and heart I entered his cabin. He asked me "Do you have a passport" , yes I replied promptly. " You are Ok going to Australia for an assignment"
he asked, I could'nt really believe if that question was for me. He said think over it and come back.
I gathered myself and walked out, in my mind i was yelling " Australia for work" I am game, wooo hoo.........I told my two friends cum collegeaus about it and they looked at me strangely.....before I could say, they said "so its you next". I ignored them thinking
they were just jealous...

Ready with my ans. I entered his cabin and said, "Yea I wanna go". He got up and said "Lets talk over coffee". With blood gushing down my veins I walked in a small conference room with him.

" So what will you give us in return, for this offer " he said. I smartly said " I wil give you a good coverage and lot of side stories", he smiled and said "What will you give me besides your work honey". I still couldn't understand what he was hinting at, till he held
my hand and said, " you will have to give me something in return"

Aghast, I was and thought did I really hear what i heard?

Yes it was true, '' Few naughty nights with him and I get to go to Australia". Obviously i turned down the offer and never got to go....

And there I was recalling why my collegues were smiling and said "So its you next"

But something in me, was really shattered and that something was 'my pride'. It was not my hard work that had got my that trip, it was just a norm that every new joinee
had to follow to get further.

And it was not the last time, I heard those uncomfortable words, first six months on the job taught me, that thats they it worked.

A norm in the industry, if you abide by it, you get multiple foreign assignments and promotions, if you turn it down, like me you will only be doing continous night shifts
and turtle like promotions....

Back to present.... I have emerged a stronger person and have understood, if you can't be a part of the system, make peace with it and change your course...

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