Salman Khan Biased Reaction in BIGG BOSS 7

Created by Sonam Ray - 27th Oct, 2013
Salman Khan Biased Reaction in BIGG BOSS 7

I was literally shocked to see the way Salman Khan reacted in Bigg Boss 7 episode .

He clearly was biased towards Tanisha and kept blaming Kushal. Also, the way he spoke to Gauhar and Pratyusha was just not acceptable. If Salman was giving lecture to Kushal on how to behave with women, then I think he should first learn it himself. I think Salman has lost it and he is just playing blame game with Bigg Boss inmates except Tanisha. He should stop hosting Bigg Boss now. Do you really think he was fair?

Kushal was being disturbed and irritated by the bitchy conduct of Tanisha for past many days and hence when she hit him during task, it was natural for kushal to complain and stand against her... But, alas, since Tanisha has high profile family connection , Salman cannot help but smack kushal instead .. :)
Do u think Ajay n kajol would tolerated Salman scolding Tanisha .. Sallu is their Family friend after all .. Poor Kushal should have known this connections ..

Salman khan se ye ummid nahi thi. "Being human ki baatein kar rahe ho aur khud being animal jaise kar rahe ho"

Salman Khan is no God! And i'm sure he too realizes that. Hence coming on the show and passing biased judgements is definitely not cool on his behalf. Whatever he said to Kushal today about the people's reaction in the outside world turns out to be just the opposite as I can see 90% of the crowd is disappointed with him for his heavily biased judgements. Salman, Why you spoiling your own image with your fans? You are intelligent enough to realize that you won't gain anything much out of this rather might lose a lot of fans who spend their hard earned money just to watch your movies. It's high time you stop being partial and just be neutral like a host should be. Just a small advice from a person who really look upon you for your kind human nature. Don't spoil it!