Salman behind Bigg Boss evictions?

Created by Anjum Seth - 4th Jan, 2013
Salman behind Bigg Boss evictions?

Salman bhai is showing his 'bhaigiri' on Bigg Boss too.

It is so unfair but whichever contestant Salman picks a liking for, stays till the very end. Last season, it was Mahek Chahal, this season it is Sana Khan.

And he always shouts at whoever dares to speak louder than him. He thrashed Sapna Bhavnani and Imam Siddique since they ignored Salman bhai's starry status.

Also guest celebrities first have to get a clean-chit from Colors production team, which is also co-managed by Salman Khan.

So is Salman the real, 'Bigg Boss' of the house? Is he behind all evictions on the show as well?