Romeos prowl Delhi Metro

Created by Nina S - 13th Feb, 2013
Romeos prowl Delhi Metro

It was with a sigh of relief and a quick prayer to God that i realized there would be a ladies' bogey in the Delhi Metro. No more smelling of body odor from smelly men and better still no more staring! For someone like me who has been traveling in the metro since the beginning, this came as a pleasant surprise.

Boy was i in for a rude shock. The very next day i see men in the ladies' bogey. Sitting in the seats while women stood around looking like cows. Not one of them telling the men to vacate the bogey.

And of course the staring had begun. In fact lechers had started literally hanging in the no man's zone between the ladies' bogey and the general bogey just to catch a glimpse of the women. Like it was the first time they had ever seen women on this planet!

Sadly their dreams were shattered when an auntyji decided enough was enough and pulled the men from their seats and threatened them with dire consequences and police action. That got some other women angry enough to slap the living daylights out of the Romeos!

I'm hoping this home grown justice is meted out every time a man enters the ladies compartment in the Delhi Metro.