Reasons childhood was better

Created by Neetole Mitra - 18th Dec, 2013
Reasons childhood was better

So you just can't get over the fact that all of a sudden it's getting difficult to not take seriously the job you hold? Did you parents give you the "settle down" lecture too? Are you trying to act more cool by the day but silently know it's a lost battle when kids call you uncle/aunty? Well... Welcome to adulthood.

If you are still wondering why adulthood sucks and childhood was way better then read on. Below is a list of things that totally made childhood rock.

1. Your biggest worry were exams. Annual, half yearly, unit tests, pre-boards, boards and other such lame issues were the only things that caused you nightmares.

2. You could bunk school and college with less care than you bunk office. In fact after a point in life, you hardly bunk office at all. It boils down to permissions and sanctions. Basically you are dangling on someone else's mercy when it comes to taking time out for yourself.

3. You could speak your mind and get away with it. People either called you silly or uncivil. Words like decorum never ruined your day. More importantly you cared much less about people gossiping about you.

4. Birthdays were much better. When you are grown up you are more worried about having killed yet another year without any significant achievements. But childhood birthdays are all about cakes without worrying about calories and gifts without worrying about returning the favour!

5. You were so much more happy with yourself. The way your body was, the way your hair was, the clothes you wore everything! There was no time to care. We were all so busy running around and playing that none of these things mattered even a bit.