Real-life ghost story

on Feb 26, 2013 , 07:25 pm
My maternal uncle had weird office timings. He used to come back from work at 3 at night. Staying in a small town and close to his office, he never cared much about looking for a vehicle every night. He chose to walk down for fifteen minutes. Every night he saw a woman in white walk two steps behind him. She followed him till his home every evening. My uncle was aware of her presence but never dared to say anything. Actually he was already warned by elders of not commenting or reacting to anything suspicious or scary at night. One night when he reached his doorstep, he dared to turn back to see the face of the woman. According to him, he could jst manage a mere glance and said she was extremely beautiful. As he turned she quickly turned back herself. My uncle also freaked out when he saw her feet. He said she had her feet in the opposite direction. He was scared and shocked. For days later, he was in shock and changed his job.
Afifa Shomail
Infact its truth. There are many people who have seen these ulta feet people. .thanks to technology they don't hav blogs, or fb or any Wikipedia or such to inform others about the happening. I totally believe in it. Have met with people those who have overcome them.
on Jun 08, 2013 , 04:57 pm
Raj Roy
hahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha GHOST ... :P
on Mar 19, 2013 , 04:11 pm
Neha Singh
There r no ghosts..U can see n hear them if u hve a psychological problem..
on Feb 28, 2013 , 10:28 pm
Terra Bites
Wow, a beautiful lady with defective feet....where is this? Probably I could convince her to go in for corrective surgery!
on Feb 28, 2013 , 06:45 pm
any damn person would pee in his pants in such a situation
on Feb 28, 2013 , 06:40 pm
Neetole Mitra
I saw a ghost myself at night. one moment it was there n in a fraction it wasn't.
on Feb 28, 2013 , 11:51 am
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