Rape Capital or Ripe Capital

Created by Utkantha Srivastava - 7th Feb, 2013
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Yeah weird title I know. I heard, experienced and felt deeply grossed out after that December 16 incident in the capital itself. I have always thought that this capital is ripe with opportunities, food, culture, places etc. but today I would add another dish to already full menu. Ripe with Rape!

Yesterday,in TOI it was mentioned about the attempted rape of a 14 year old girl by an electrician. When he was not able o force upon her, because girl put up a fight (kudos to girl), he pushed an iron rod down her throat to make her quiet. But as the destiny would have been the girl did not withdraw from fight and raised an alarm. She is being treated in AIIMS with injuries in her mouth.
Now how many of you can draw comparisons between the Nirbhaya case and this case. The infamous iron rod is back in the crime scene.
Ghastly act isn't it? But to tell you the truth which you may yourself have observed that after that incident the rape cases in the capital have increased. Everyday in newspapers there is a story of an ill fated women.
Why should we go further how many of us daily face this case of eve teasing molestation etc. And what do we have to do measure the situation and then raise a alarm or put up a fight.
The protests were eye opener for the government and whole nation as well as the whole world. Every influential country in this world came to know about the incident and along with the prayers came the expected apprehension to visit our country tagging it as unsafe. I am not saying that their country is safest the rapes and other ill practices happen in New York, London as well but the action against them is also swift.
It has been two months since the incident happen and till now the trial is only happening. The lawyers who have shown the support to Nirbhaya have been almost back stabbed by their own counterparts who have taken up the case of the accused in these cases and they are actually defending them and posting and giving the stupid and most inhuman comments about the girl;'s character or her relationship with the boy. I can bet on my life that those who are making these comments have a daughter and sister in their family. And God forbid, by chance any incident happens to them will they stick to their comments even at that time. All of us know that the answer is negative. Then why today they are behaving as if nothing wrong has happened.
For one moment with a heavy heart we assume that it was all girl's fault that she was out at late night, boarded that bus but does that give an excuse to the accused to do whatever they want with the girl. What right does anyone give them to ease upon their libido on a stranger girl.
So the lawyers just look from both the angles of for God's sake any angle, it is your client who has done wrong not the girl.
What our government is doing? They are providing aids to the family, naming the new law after the girl, giving fair trials to the accused. Yeah I know all this bullshit of treating everyone equal and letting them prove innocence. even when you know there is no innocence. If today they have killed the bastards right in the public view and beaten them badly , tortured them the beasts who have thought till now that nothing will happen to them would have thought twice before committing such a crime.
Sharmila Tagore says killing them would not have been an answer people are usually not caught. She is right in a way. But tell me one thing, if a person knows that if caught he will be stoned in public and tortured brutally would he think of committing the crime. I doubt so. I give you all benefit of doubt but we all know the crime would have reduced. Why do we have to depict ourselves peace loving company when the world knows that India is far from country oof equality. At least in this way it will portray as the country which does not believe in tolerating any nonsense against their citizens.
Human rights activists please throw your stupid minds in dustbin because if you cannot absorb and differentiate between right or wrong then they you are just a bunch of hooligans and lunatics. Yes I am being personal because whole country was seething with anger after 26/11 and everyone wanted Kasab to be hanged but even the news of hanging brought these activists on the road to protest that this is wrong.
Now also if these activists and people have demanded death for thses bastards some were still out there claiming that they should not be hanged in the name of proper justice, none of the victim was given fair trial by them so why should we.
Time is not far when the law will be in hands of the citizens. I myself want a revolver and shoot right in the middle of the legs of the idiot who even tries to give me that pervert smile, touching is far away. If they think that girl is commodity for their bod hunger then they are is taken because the tool you have is very vulnerable to a even a strong kick.

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