Rakhi: The bond of love!

on Aug 23, 2010 , 05:41 pm
Some ties are indefinable; one such bond is between a brother and a sister. Rakhi is always special to me. On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, I always remember my cousin sister who stopped tying Rakhi to me, after she got married and stopped acknowledging me once I became a popular actor. But I found a Rakhi sister in Mumbai whose name is Saher. I am happy that I found her in days when I was a nobody. With experience I have realised that we as human beings develop new relationships even without any blood connection and that works out better. It's amazing that the blood relationships may not always be by your side, but those of the heart are. It's really all a matter of the heart. We connect with some people. This muhboli sister of mine, who ties Rakhi has filled my all wounds of not having a sister. I always felt the lack of real sister in my life as I only have a younger brother. I can't think of life without my Rakhi sister now. Blood or no blood, relationships are of the heart and are for keeps. Some relationships outside family may make a huge difference in life when even blood relationships don't work.
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