Rajev Paul: Bigg Boss’ desperado

Created by Anjum Seth - 28th Dec, 2012
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Rajev Paul: Bigg Boss’ desperado

If you have been an avid follower of the Bigg Boss show, then my headline for this piece of writing won't really shock you.

Rajev Paul, Delnaaz Irani's ex husband and one of the contestants' on the reality show has shown us a very sickening side of himself on the show.

He is not just an angry, impatient 40-year-old man, but he openly lusts over good looking women in the house. Yes, you heard me right girls.

After Salman Khan made a public mockery of Rajev Paul over his touchy-feely attitude, the jock has still not mended his old-ways.

After going helter-skelter over Delnaaz in the first 2 months on the show, we saw him take a shocking and sudden u-turn on the whole, 'Take me back Delnaaz' issue.

Now that the whole 'Delnaaz' issue is over, Rajev has found himself a new 'bakra' (Sana Khan) in the house.

Rajev incessantly follows Sana around like a crazy obsessive fool, even when the pretty lady refuses to pay heed to him.

No wonder Delnaaz left that poor jock after tolerating him for 14 years.