Rahul vs Modi: A delicious prospect?

on Jan 28, 2013 , 03:29 pm

For many days now, I have been hearing this Modi vs Rahul and how its going to be the biggest battle in the Indian political history. Sure it is a very catchy headline for news channels with complimenting footage of the 'dimpled' prince of Congress and BJP's macho man. The comparison is too striking to be ignored.

Sure they are the mascots of their respective parties for now and also the best possible poster boys for the 2014 elections. One is blessed with an enduring brand name and a golden lineage while the other has branded himself as a synonym of development with a promise to put India on the world map.

Besides there was always a difference in the backgrounds they came from; Rahul is the youngest Gandhi scion while Modi had no roots in politics, so the BJP calls this comparison as 'dynasty vs merit' while Congress calls it their secular vs communal divide, considering Modi's alleged history.

As far as being leader material is concerned, Modi is an excellent communicator and a man of masses while Rahul still appears a little uncomfortable when in comes to large public gatherings or maybe its his carefully rehearsed speeches in Hindi that make him not so convincing.While Rahul claims to represents the aspirations of a young India, Modi roots for the 'neo-middle class'

But the irony is that both will face similar challenges. Rahul has been an absentee politician trying to woo people with his 'I am the aam admi' antic but has not been able to convince many and be a part of the real heat and dust of politics. Besides he has not really been asked to prove whether he really deserved to be the second in command of Congress and what on what merit did he get it. Modi on the other hand has the Gujarat riots albatross hanging. Though he has really tried to recast his image as this 'progressive chief minister' who is trying everything possible to put Gujarat on the world map, but the baggage of communalism and the failure to control killings of Muslims in riot remains his black spot.

Besides, there are other challenges too. Both have to come out of their respective clouts and reach out to crowds beyond their friendly audiences, which is a fairly difficult task both will have to break their barrier and reach out to 'alliances' who have become increasingly important in this era of 'collation politics'.

Whoever gets their chemistry right with the potential kingmakers like Mayawati, Mulayam, Mamata, Jayalalithaa, Pawar, Naveen Patnaik or even a Nitish Kumar will be the winner as these people have no fixed loyalities, so getting them under one umbrella will be the master stroke

So while both BJP and congress play out their strategies and gain the numbers, we can just sit back and enjoy this great 'sellout battle' till the 2014 elections.

Prashant Prop
The political bettle
on Mar 11, 2013 , 12:24 pm
Rashmi Kant Nagar
Secular Congress created Minorities commission, as a cleaver political ploy to keep minority votes in its locker. How the second largest religious group- Muslims -qualify to be a minority? Congress floated so called development schemes named after Gandhi-Nehru family and has managed to buy out voters out of government funds all these years. It is time for the Indians to vote and bring to power those who can serve the nation with integrity.
on Feb 01, 2013 , 11:41 pm
Saugata Das
It has to be hands down Narendra Modi. We had enough of corrupt and pseudo-secular Congress hell bent on destroying the nation.
on Jan 31, 2013 , 09:21 am
Viv Lux
We had Atalji who was accepted by all sections of people and he fully deserved to be the best PM we had. Now Modi ji is the best choice available and is indeed acceptable by all sections of the mass. Only some leaders have their own interest in stalling the process and it would be their gravest disservice to the nation. Narendra Modi must be chosen to lead the country to progress.
on Jan 30, 2013 , 08:01 pm
Viv Lux
After our beloved great PM Atalji, we now have opportunity to look for a good person to lead the country and only Modi ji (from among who are available now as choice) is capable of providing able governance.
on Jan 30, 2013 , 07:52 pm
Mayur Shah
There is no comparision. We have trusted Congress for nearly 60 years. Its time for a strong person to rule our country. Modi should be given charge.
on Jan 30, 2013 , 12:36 pm
Mangat Singh
Its really the test of people here more than these two icons...whom do we want to see at the helm of affairs after 2014...Rahul - someone who will only continue the legacy of the present corrupt and insensitive govt or Modi - who is fiercely development oriented ...
on Jan 28, 2013 , 04:43 pm
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