Rahul Gandhi's circus show

Created by Harpreet Kaur - 28th Jan, 2014
Rahul Gandhi's circus show

Even as I write this, I am quite sure, social media and print media will be a buzz with more on the big #GandhiInterview. Anticipated for about ten years now, the interview saw the 'shehzada' as Modi address him, get ready for a boxing match quiet literally against Arnab Goswami. And believe you me this interview will remain iconic even as time passes. To me it was like a reminiscent of Frost vs Nixon.

Touted to be the path breaking interview, this actually became the final nail in the coffin for India's political royalty. It seemed to me that Rahul Gandhi was rather unprepared and frazzled with the direct questions posed by Arnab. He looked like the lost puppy out to be fed to the wolves!!

Symbolically, Arnab Goswami's style was distinctly different from that on his signature, daily Newshour programme. Goswami has earnt the reputation of being someone who doesn't mince his words and it would be incorrect to say that many were expecting fireworks. Contrary to the popular belief, Arnab was polite to a fault -- so much so that Omar Abdullah tweeted: "I want this version of HIM if HIS channel ever does an interview of mine again."

In the interlude between the recording and the telecast of the interview, feverish speculation aided a blizzard of jokes on Twitter. One wisecrack: "Rahul should be wildcard entry for Republic Day bravery awards for agreeing to be interviewed by Arnab."

Coming back to the interview, we saw Rahul desperately trying to beat around the bush and claiming that he isn't scared of "the Modi wave" and this only made me believe that congress's prince is living under a rock or rather beneath his mother's shadow. One could see Rahul literally sweat and stammer while trying to answer, direct questions in the vaguest possible manner.

"Unintelligent but honest" is the phrase that is doing the rounds for Rahul post the interview. To me this public political assassination of his PM dream. Arnab didn't had to try hard at all... Rahul just did it all by himself...

What I could make out was that Rahul Gandhi was not comfortable with direct questions. He avoided almost all direct questions by repeating that "the real issue" is.... So due to this many questions still remain unanswered. Personally I think we need a follow up episode. The Nation Wants to Know! Some of the gems doing the rounds on twitter are:

@asifkhan16 : Wats difference between Salman and Rahul Gandhi ...... Salman is still virgin but Rahul jst lost it to Arnab #RahulSpeaksToArnab

@aditimitrasinha :What is the similarity btw RaGa and Ishaant Sharma? ... They both play well on behalf of their opponent!#RahulSpeaksToArnab

@hemantatwork : Kapil Sharma is going to sue Rahul Gandhi for being a threat to his career as a comedian #RahulSpeaksToArnab #ArnabVsRahul

if this is the version that Congress approved for telecast, imagine what was edited out. #RahulSpeaksToArnab

@ChotteMeow : Rahul Gandhi is that student who failed the exam even when the Question paper was leaked well in advance #RahulSpeaksToArnab #ArnabVsRahul

@SirJadeja : #FranklySpeaking For once, Rahul Gandhi made Indians realize that a silent PM is better than a dumb one! #RahulSpeaksToArnab #ArnabVsRahul

@ash_dubey : But folks remember this #RahulSpeaksToArnab is still "Recorded" ... MOST EXPLOSIVE stuff must have been DELETED already! I'm sure 100%.

@VikasAgarwalll :Apart from RTI, Lokpal, talking to PM, blah blah blah, Rahul will now add to his resume "Faced Arnab" #RahulSpeaksToArnab #ArnabVsRahul

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