Raanjhanaa: Sonam’s last chance at Bollywood?

Created by Anjum Seth - 18th Jun, 2013
Raanjhanaa: Sonam’s last chance at Bollywood?

I remember going crazy after watching the promos of 'Sawaariya'. Yes, you can call me all that you like my dear, but at that time, Saawariya was being touted as the biggest blockbuster of its time. It was the launch pad of the country's biggest star son and daughter, Ranbir & Sonam Kapoor.

The film however sank without leaving a trace behind. Sigh. The other unfortunate part about the film was the unnoticeable female lead in the movie, Miss Sonam Kapoor.

Even after 'Saawariya's' debacle, the whole of India was going gaga over Ranbir Kapoor but they missed out on the other Kapoor scion.

This is how Sonam Kapoor's Bollywood journey began.

Well, after Saawariya, she starred in a string of movies, all of which turned out to be box office duds.

In fact, critics started questioning her talent. There were a whole lot of people who thought she'd fit well in the modeling industry rather than films. And her keen interest in the fashion world made it even worse.

Now, Raanjhanaa is at the brink of its release. The movie's promo looks fresh and promising and surprisingly, even Sonam manages to stand out in the trailer.

But what if 'Raanjhanaa' (like 'Mausam') fails to stir magic at the box office? Will Sonam's Bollywood career get over if her latest Raanjhanaa fails her?

Is 'Raanjhanaa' her last chance at Bollywood?