Online dating, a risky proposition!

Created by Neetole Mitra - 16th May, 2013
Online dating, a risky proposition!

Making friends on the Internet is nothing new. And then falling in love with the ones you met online is rather more common these days than having a boyfriend or girlfriend in the real world outside. But watch out, this virtual love has its own share of pros and cons. I know a friend who met a girl online some five years ago, and like any ordinary 23-year-old, he started chatting with her - almost every day and all through the night.

After a few weeks, this online chatting became a routine and eventually they developed liking for each other. Soon after a month or two, phone numbers too were exchanged and then telephonic conversations took over online chatting. Now talking to someone you haven't met or seen and you don't even know for hours can't be called 'normal'. It is only when you are dating someone in the virtual world, such things make any sense.

But these two seemingly madly-in-love started to date each other through online chats, video calls and exchange of photos. My friend got so serious that he proposed the girl online and expressed his wish to meet her. Without even knowing her response, he went ahead and discussed about her with his parents also. Yes, marriage was being planned, certainly!

After knowing each other for almost a year now, my friend decided to meet that girl to take their relationship to the next level. But surprisingly, the girl showed no interest and started to maintain distance from my friend. Confused as to what was happening he shared everything with me and asked if I can help him in any way. Somehow I happened to be friends with one of that girl's mutual friends and from there I got to know what left me utterly shocked. That girl was married and had two kids. Gosh! I didn't know how to explain all this to my friend. Mustering up all courage, I told him the truth and saw him shattering in front of my eyes. Not because he loved that girl but because he trusted someone so much that he thought of a bond like 'marriage'.

Somewhere I felt it was my friend's mistake too, as it wasn't really a wise decision to fall for someone without knowing the person inside out. Worse was when he shared about the girl with his parents and now he has no answer to their questions. I'm not saying online dating do not work but one can't act blind and believe anything that people say on such platforms.

Later, we also discovered that the girl was a fraud and has cheated many other men online by means of her good looks and taking money from them. Don't now why my friend couldn't judge her gestures and actions. Anyway, he has managed to come out of this trauma but I have certainly taken this as a word of caution that it's better to think at least a thousand times before heading towards online dating.