On crushes that crush

Created by Chital Mehta - 9th Oct, 2013
On crushes that crush

Many a times it so happens that you feel like you are in love but it actually isn't love. Each time the girl/boy you like crosses you, it feels like butterflies in your stomach, you feel like spending time with them, you want to talk to them like never before. The word 'love' finds its way in your dictionary even before you know what it means.

Love is something which can never be defined but it is important to realize that just the feeling of being in love doesn't necessarily mean that you are in love. There is something called crush which takes its place between being in love and being in the feeling of love. It is important to understand that both are entirely different concepts that every human faces at some point in his life.

Crush is a feeling which makes you do pretty crazy things, which later seem to be foolish. It does not allow you to think about the future. Instead, it only makes you do what you feel in the moment. A crush is just a temporary feeling which is certain to dissolve one day.

Although the intensity of the feelings while in a crush are as strong as being in love, they fall just the same weaker as time passes. Crush can be associated with terms like infatuation and attraction which is basically an immature love. Sexual, mental and physical attraction take a toll when you begin to have a crush on a person.

It is important to understand that crush is just for a while and that it is not worth wasting ample amount of thinking time on it. Instead, when you feel you have a crush on a person, just enjoy the moments and let it go of your heart. Crushes are harmless as long as you do not take them seriously. Never let crushes crush you by blinding yourself to the truth.